Eyes have long been regarded as the "windows of the soul" through which people can express or hide many emotions.In jewelry art, the eyes not only express a certain emotion, but also a certain symbol with symbolic meaning.As early as thousands of years ago, the symbol of eyes appeared in people's jewelry. At that time, the eyes were made of blue glass and were used as amulets to resist evil forces.

All seeing eye

Its common form is an eye surrounded by triangles and radiant rays. In Christianity, the all-seeing eye has another name.

Transliterated as the Eye of Providence, also known as the Eye of God. It symbolizes the Dharma Eye of God to monitor human beings.


Eye of Horus

As the name suggests, it is the eye of the eagle god Horus in ancient Egyptian mythology. According to legend, Horus' right eye symbolizes the intact sun.

According to legend, because Horus defeated Set, the right eye has the power to stay away from pain and defeat evil.

The left eye of Horus symbolizes the incomplete moon. According to legend, Horus later dedicated his left eye to Pluto Osiris.

Therefore, Horus's left eye can distinguish good from evil and defend happiness. It also convinced the ancient Egyptians that Horus' left eye had the ability to resurrect the dead.


Evil eye

The written record of the evil eye can be traced back to around 3000 BC.
The power of evil eyes is mentioned in ancient Babylon in the Mesopotamia, ancient Sumer and ancient Assyrian cultures.

It is even believed that the "evil eye" legend can be traced back to the Paleolithic age.