Although there are a variety of materials to choose from in the jewelry market, sterling silver jewelry is still very popular, especially sterling silver rings. People are happy to choose a sterling silver ring as an engagement ring or wedding band, as a ring of value may show more sincerity, and silver also holds its value. There are many types of silver, do you know what sterling silver is?

925 silver is a precious metal composed of the chemical element silver (Ag), which is pure white in color and has a very strong luster. 925 sterling silver can be said to be the international standard silver for silver jewelry in the world. Silver jewelry is usually engraved with the imprint of the English abbreviation of silver ("S" or "Sterling"). For standard silver the stamp is S925, while for pure silver it is S990. There are also some countries that do not print on silver jewelry. What is the difference between S925 and S990 silver? S990 silver is softer, it is not easy to form during production, and it is easily oxidized. However, 925 silver is not easy to change color and deform due to the addition of other metals with relatively high hardness.

The only problem with choosing a sterling silver ring is that it is easily oxidized. How should we clean tarnished sterling silver ring in our daily life? Today we will discuss this issue.

  1. The easiest way to clean the tarnished sterling silver ring is to use toothpaste. You can apply toothpaste on the surface of the sterling silver ring directly scrubbing with your hands, or you can use a toothbrush with some toothpaste to brush it, which can be clear to some crevices of the dirt, more clean. But be careful, toothpaste is best to choose no particles, or particles of fine, brushing tools should also be soft.

  1. With some acidic things to soak, such as cola or some vinegar, direct soaking may be too high concentration, can be slightly diluted. Soak for about 10 minutes can be gently brushed with a gentle toothbrush, and finally rinse with water can be.
  2. In the purchase of sterling silver rings, merchants will give a silver polishing cloth, you can use the silver polishing cloth to wipe the ring tarnished location, but the effect may not be very good.

  1. You can use soot to scrub the tarnished sterling silver ring, the soot wrapped up with a cotton cloth, wet it with water, put the silver ring into it and rub it, rub it clean and then rinse off the soot with water, which can also play a role in cleaning the sterling silver ring.
  2. If the above-mentioned ways do not work, or do not want to clean their own hands, then you can send directly to the purchase of the ring business, the general business will have a free ring cleaning service, relatively safe and secure, the business with a professional method of cleaning, the ring looks as shiny as new.

The above are some ways to clean tarnished sterling silver rings. Although it is inevitable for sterling silver rings to be oxidized, we can try to make them darker, slower or lighter, which requires consumers to pay special attention in the usual wearing process.

  1. When you are bathing or swimming, take off the ring and keep it in a dry place to avoid getting it wet.
  2. Avoid exposure to chemicals. Take the ring off when doing laundry or dishes.
  3. There is another point that is not related to oxidation, but it is also worth noting. Do not pull hard. The higher the silver content, the softer the texture, so if you pull hard, it may be deformed.

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