Rock And Roll Gestures And Sources

November 11, 2020
Rock And Roll Gestures And Sources


The main action feature is to jump violently to the left, right, and front, and hit people around with your shoulders, chest or arms. Pogo can be said to be the most common rock scene.



After the rock singer sings HIGH, he will desperately jump from the stage to the audience, and then the audience will raise their hands to pick up the singer, and usually pass a circle back to the stage. Of course, there are audiences who can't help but jump onto the stage and into the crowd because they are too excited. At this point, if the audience is not concentrated, they will fall directly to the ground. Therefore, audience concentration is the first element of diving. It is recommended to talk to the people below before diving, otherwise it will be bad if an accident occurs.


Hand banging

The most common form in the metal yard is a row of people hooking their shoulders and shaking their heads together with the rhythm. (Hair is long enough to round your hair and play with windmills in extreme fields). This suggestion should not be too fierce...otherwise the cervical spine hurts the next day...



Most of the time when it appears in the hard core, the main action is punching and kicking, just like a person fighting with the air, playing well will be very contagious.


Dead wall

The two groups of people collide separately, and when you want to hit someone, you should take the momentum (very important, protect yourself and others), or you can get hurt easily. (If there are all big guys in the venue... If you see people around you suddenly separate the two sides, you should avoid it if you don’t want to play...)


Drive the train

This one is more gentle. The person in front takes the lead, while the person behind holds the shoulder or waist and runs around like a train. If you go in a circle, it's called circle-pit, and there will be people who go around hand in hand, like participating in a bonfire party.
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