Ideas About How To Choose a Meaningful Tattoo Design

August 08, 2020
Ideas About How To Choose a Meaningful Tattoo Design

Maybe you are a tattoo lover, but do you know the different meanings of unused tattoos from before to now? Some people tattoo to hide scars, some people tattoo to show their unique personality, some people sneer at tattoos, and some people are crazy about tattoos.

Every tattoo has its meaning and contains a story. For example, the butterfly tattoo is a symbol of strength and the frog tattoo is a symbol of active effort, happiness and love, it can give people inspiration, intoxication and yearning; KOI fish tattoo symbolizes fortune and luck, and is often used as a metaphor for people who have achieved success and created miracles through unremitting efforts and hard work.

Let us understand the meaning of different tattoos together.

  • Semicolon tattoo

In addition to being a punctuation mark, the semicolon also means that good hope is still there. Represents hope for life and confidence in continuation. The official website of "The Semicolon Project" explains the idea behind the semicolon tattoo: "The semicolon represents a sentence. The author could have finished it, but chose to continue. Now, you are the writer, and this sentence is yours. Life." This event reminds us that any of us has the power and ability to continue. At the same time, it also conveys a message of hope and care to those who are struggling with mental illness.


  • Skull tattoo

Skeletons can symbolize the death of old life, and can even overcome death. The past has been defeated and changed, and it also represents a new beginning. It can also be understood as changing fate and pursuing a new life. In some places, bones are also a symbol of strength and immortality.

  • Wolf tattoo

The wolf represents ambition, team spirit, patience and keen observation. These animals often live in various places in the world, and the sky is their best destination. People like to be able to fly freely like a bird. In the 1960s, the American motorcycle race was the most closely connected group in this country with tattoos, even beyond the sailors. The style and content of tattoos of motorcycle tribes are completely different from traditional tattoos. They are almost all black, with single-needle tattoos and delicate lines. They are usually related to Chicano and prisoner tattoos. The tattoos of motorcycle tribes are different from the traditional working-class tattoos. The theme has nothing to do with patriotism and the military, and it is obviously anti-social. Motorcyclists are the main fans of tattoos, they often pursue speed and passion, and are full of crazy love for tattoos. They often ride a huge Harley motorcycle, and they also like to wear sterling silver rings to escort them on the way they pursue their dreams and keep moving forward.The bearded man in the United States that defends the right to bear beards. They all have beards. They hope to be welcomed by young people and believe that bearding is one of the ways to show their individuality.

  • Wave tattoo

The most popular element in Japanese tattoos is undoubtedly the waves. Japan is a dainty country. Wave tattoos are also loved by young people. Its fashionable design style and colorful colors make people never forget. The waves can drift in the endless sea and go to places where people have never been. Many young people use it to symbolize freedom of thought. Snake is also a representative tattoo in Japan. It is said that in primitive tribes long ago, many races worshiped snakes, and even regarded snakes as national symbols because they believed that snakes could protect themselves.

  • Feathers tattoo

Feathers symbolize freedom, hovering freely in the air, creativity, rebirth, and spiritual improvement. When we get a feather tattoo, it means that we have achieved the desired freedom. It can be regarded as an expectation, a motivation to encourage us to move forward.

  • Owl tattoo

In Greek mythology, the lovebird of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is a kind of owl. Owl tattoos can well show people's patience and wisdom. In the Celtic cultural concept, the owl is a "protector god", and some countries even regard it as a god who can communicate with another world. Some tattooists describe the unique image of owls, such as sharp eyes, colorful feathers, and pointed hook nose.

  • Anchor tattoo

The anchor symbolizes that life must grasp the right direction and move forward bravely despite difficulties. It symbolizes a strong will that is as solid as a rock, as stable as Mount Tai, and indomitable. Anchor tattoos are also liked by many people, and I believe they are also very suitable for everyone. Life is like marine in the sea. There are always times of confusion. If there is no positioning, then you may never find a place to stay. The anchor makes you stop as long as you want, and the road of life is not lost.

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