The raw tiger eye stone is an opaque natural mineral stone, usually in brownish yellow, blue, reddish-brown and other colors, with a fine and tough texture. A parallel moving "eye" appears, which is named tiger eye because of its shape and color resembling a tiger eye. As a sacred stone regarded as the noblest symbol by Indians, the tiger eye stone has many auspicious symbolic meanings.

tiger eye stone meaning

Enhance self-confidence

tiger eye stone itself has a masculine temperament, so for people with low self-confidence, often wearing and appreciating tiger eye stone can play a psychological suggestion and encouragement, increase courage and self-confidence.

Enhance aura and courage

tiger eye stone itself has a strong aura, and most people who wear tiger eye stone are men. For people with insufficient aura, tiger eye stone can increase the aura and help enhance the decision-making ability of affairs. For those with a strong aura, the tiger eye stone can play a foil role, allowing the owner's temperament to be brought into full play.

Enhancing vitality

As we all know, a good attitude naturally lives a long time. Tiger eye stone can enhance self-confidence in mentality, make people optimistic and strong, and a good mentality is also beneficial to physical health. In addition, tiger eye stone can also ward off evil spirits and drive away evil things in the dark.

Symbol of wealth

The golden tiger eye can help attract unexpected wealth. Because it enhances the ability to decide things, this ability will bring wealth to the owner inadvertently. 

Tiger Eye Jewelry

Because tiger eye stone has distinct characteristics, the most main use is to make jewelry.

Such as this tiger’s eye men's gemstone ring, the ring body is engraved with many different shapes of eyes, which complements the brown-yellow tiger eye stone inlaid in the middle. The overall tone is consistent, the texture is uniform, the lines are clear, and the unique structure makes the gem that looks like a tiger eye exude a low-key and mysterious temperament. However, the most outstanding part of this ring is the unique pattern in the middle, like the eyes of a king, emitting a majestic and stern light, giving this ring an unusual domineering and gorgeousness. That's why he is more suitable for men to wear. The yellow tiger eye stone exudes a bright light, which can make people feel happy, increase their confidence, and bring unexpected wealth and good luck.

Of course, the use of tiger eye stone is not only used in rings but also can be made into bracelets for people to appreciate and wear.

In this beaded stainless steel men's bracelet, the tiger eye stone is polished into round and lustrous beads, which together with the other half of the beads in black matte texture form the bracelet. The characteristic of this bracelet is that it is low-key and stable without losing the noble domineering. The 10 tiger eye stone beads have their own characteristics and different patterns. Each bead has a unique reflective ray in the sun. From a distance, it looks like ten tiger eye pupils exuding noble and domineering eyes, symbolizing the master's majesty that cannot be violated. The other half of the black frosted beads tend to be low-key and stable, with a smooth texture and bright color. They harmonize the publicity and domineering of the tiger eye stone so that the whole bracelet looks harmonious and has the beauty of yin and yang fusion. In addition, its quality is also guaranteed. The 20 beads are tightly and orderly tied on a black chain, and the connection is a stainless steel ring, which is tough to the touch, corrosion-resistant, strong and not easy to break.

This one is also a tiger eye bracelet, but it is a set that can be worn separately or together. The round bead bracelet has a variety of color for you to choose from, it is usually bright and fresh in color and soft in tones. Compared with it, the bracelet of the other tiger's eye stone is extraordinarily masculine. The size of the bracelet is relaxed and the tightness is moderate, and the wearing experience will be more comfortable. Whether it is office or travel, this bracelet can reflect the owner's temperament, and the tone of black and yellow, mild and white, suit or daily casual wear can be matched.

This lettering yellow tiger eye stainless steel necklace is elegant and noble, and the yellow tiger eye stone embellishment at the bottom enhances the artistic sense of the whole necklace. The black part can be engraved according to your preference, black adds a sense of mysterious atmosphere, and the engraving details have a sense of surprise. tiger eye stone accounts for a small proportion, but it is indeed the dazzling part of the whole necklace. Yellow tiger eye stone is bright in color, with clear black lines, smooth and delicate texture, and shines even more under the sun. The chain material is stainless steel, with strong metal texture and corrosion resistance. The whole necklace is shiny and bright, which can play an excellent decorative effect. Sports and fitness wear, casual office wear, and travel wear can wear this necklace. It can not only show personal temperament but also highlight wealth status. It is the best choice for men's necklaces.

The above is a part of the detailed display of tiger eye stone jewelry. If readers are interested in tiger eye stone jewelry, they can go to the official website to learn about it. The official website has a variety of jewelry displays for everyone to browse.