History of the spinner ring

Also known as a meditation ring or a worry ring, the spinning ring is made up of two band rings, one band remaining stationary and the other rotating. The spinning ring is said to have been inspired by the ancient Tibetan tradition of meditation and some say it comes from the Tibetan prayer wheel. In Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhists chant scriptures engraved on the surface of metal spinning buckets and use them for religious practices. It is believed that the spinning motion naturally helps to calm the minds of Tibetan Buddhists. At the same time, the spinner determines that as the bucket spins rapidly, his merits accumulate rapidly. To this day, whenever a tourist travels to a Tibetan area he spins the meridian spinner to calm his restless mind. So, the spinning ring also has this effect. 

How to use a spinner ring

The purpose of the spinning ring is to make you less tense and anxious. When people are tense, there are many small movements. Some people will unconsciously touch the corners of their clothes or necklaces, some people bite their nails.

This is where the spinning ring comes into play. When you feel nervous and fidgety, you can simply rotate the outer layer of the ring and take a deep breath to adjust your mood. This is an unobtrusive and healthy way to reduce stress. 

Are spinner rings good?

The spinner ring is unlikely to have any magic. It is more likely that the spinner ring is just a ring, and fidgeting about it will calm people down, because fidgeting usually has a calming effect. Anxiety patients tend to struggle with irritability and try to ignore it. Spinning a ring focused on anxiety is a way to bring yourself into the moment and admit that you have anxiety, which can actually calm down in its own way.

Of course, the spinner ring itself is unlikely to have any mysterious ability to reduce anxiety. But by linking it to relaxing events, thoughts, or actions, it can actually make you more relaxed when spinning the ring.

Types of spinner ring

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very malleable material, and its ductility is very good, so it can be molded into any shape. And its hardness is very high, so the stainless steel spinner ring has a longer life, and it is not easy to be damaged or corroded. Daily cleaning and care are relatively simple.

Tungsten Steel

Tungsten steel has many points, such as good heat, wear and corrosion resistance, and relatively high hardness even at high temperatures. The tungsten spinner ring is very lustrous and it is more robust and hard-wearing than stainless steel rings.

How to clean spinner ring

Cleaning out the rings is not a difficult task and can be done at home. The prerequisite is that you need to prepare the materials. First of all you need to have a relatively mild liquid soap, a small toothbrush, cotton swabs and a non-woven cotton cloth. Remember that the soap water should be neutral, any alkaline or acidic soap water will damage the ring. 

After mixing the liquid soap and water, gently brush the stain off the ring with a toothbrush. If there are more difficult areas, such as some engraved words or patterns, you can clean them by gently swirling them around with a cotton swab. After cleaning, make sure to rinse the ring with water and finally dry it with a non-woven cotton cloth. This way the spinner ring looks brand new again.


The spinner ring has its own charm. When you feel anxious and tense, take a deep breath and slowly turn the spinner ring, which will slowly make you feel calm inside.