Crucifixion is a terrible way to die. It was terrible to the point that no Roman citizen could suffer this punishment. Only slaves and robbers apply this penalty.

How wonderful is it that the Son of God became incarnate as a human being and allowed the people he created to devalue himself to such a degree?



The torture of the cross was invented in the Near East, and the Romans made it perfect. It is not uncommon for a crucified person to be tortured for several days. Jesus died within a few hours, and even if he was released after being flogged, he would have lost too much blood.



The name of the crime will be written on the head of the person who will receive the cross. The cross is like a living sign-do what this person has done, and you will end up like this. When it comes to the crucifixion of Jesus, we have all seen a cross with the INRI letters written on the top of Jesus' head. IRNI is short for Iesus Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm.



His "sin" was to call himself a king, which was the crime of rebellion in ancient Rome.




In the eyes of the Jewish people, Jesus is both the prophetic saint and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of David. According to the Four Gospels, the preaching and preaching of Jesus and his disciples reflected the sufferings of the people at that time, inspired people’s will to fight, and pointed out the direction and goal of the people’s struggle to establish a "kingdom of heaven." He brought it to the people. The gospel.




Jesus was cruelly tortured, and then his hands were hung up and nailed to a horizontal wooden beam. This execution prevented air from being sucked into the lungs, and he died three hours later. However, many people testified that he was resurrected three days later, and that he moved around in the northern and southern provinces of Israel.



Many people think this is enough to prove that Jesus claims to be God is true. Later, Jesus returned to Jerusalem, the city where he was killed not long ago. Witnesses said he ascended to heaven from there.