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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Thomas Ficarro
      Beautiful rings

      Love your rings and things ! I got my ring fast after I ordered and with no problems it came in a little pouch . The ring fits great and looks great thank you ...

      Nicholas Walden
      This ring is great

      I love this ring. I wear it everyday. My girlfriend wants one just like it

      Mark Weiler
      Ring is nice, customer service....not so much.

      It’s a really nice ring, but although it was marked a size 11 it’s definitely not. I contacted customer service and was informed it was on me to send it back for an exchange....whatever, but they insisted the right size was sent even though I sent a picture and it’s clearly not according to the ring sizer that was sent with the ring. Now the the ring sizer was a really cool bonus. The ring sizer sized my finger at 11. The rings practically fall off. Like I said, whatever. I put the ring on a chain so now I have a pretty cool necklace. Ring, a quality item. Customer service? Nope.