About Us


R&S is the spark created by the collision of stones.

We believe in contradictions, brutality, ruggedness and are committed to incorporating them into modern men's jewelry with your own statement.


Respect for roughness

Every scratch, every old black pattern, every handmade light print,

Each work is given the rough wear marks of the years by them. They are not used to being with the new as what they are looking for is the male texture.

Self-confidence, control, but not for the delicate and timid, each work draws its strength backwards to the original, and makes a hidden statement in daily wear. Make sure to let you hear endlessly, where did you get it?


Devils in the details

Hanging in galleries and windows is only for people to appreciate the playful art design, not our jewelry. We long for them to be integrated in modern dresses. They should appear on the street and the raise of their hands. We do not blindly exaggerate the design, through complex processes to show our handmade crafting level. After attracting your first glance and wallet, they appear redundant then. We pay attention to details, each collection has its own design philosophy and uniqueness. These are the parts that extend your statement, highlight your statement, and become the devil's pusher when you playing cards.



We work directly with manufacturers, bypassing middlemen and hence offering merchandise at relatively low prices. Every product is handmade by expert craftsmen, ensuring the best possible quality as well as the most exquisite designs.