There is no doubt that in the past year, we have all grown a lot. For the new series of products, we got everyone's attention and love. This time, let’s review together the past year, our growth trajectory.

Tough guy image

This series of products is what we have been working on from the beginning. In this year, people's love for Viking jewellery and chains far exceeds other products. These products always carry the image of a tough guy unique to Vikings, retro and full of power.

This product is the winner of the 2021 RS Most Popular Award, and for the past 12 months, it has been at the top of the best seller list for almost every month. With a somewhat simple style yet unique and effective design, our distinctively thick and heavy loop bracelet made to stand the test of time.

And this one is a typical Viking element ring, the whole ring is made of Celtic structure. The intersecting lines are full of three-dimensionality. The blue gem is like the eyes of a wolf, full of mystery and unknown. This ring is mysterious and unassuming, and looks very delicate and low-key, suitable for you with low-key personality.

Light in the dark

If you are worried that ordinary jewelry cannot make you a focus at night, then you will be interested in this series of products. This is a jewellery that can be seen in the dark. You guessed it, it is a luminous product. Currently, there are only luminous rings in the RS store. Of course, if everyone likes it very much, there may be other luminous products in the new year. I am already looking forward to it.

This is a magical and romantic jewelry. During the day, they look just ordinary light green, but at night, it will emit a soft light, so that you no longer fear the lonely and dark nights. Luminous jewelry is made of a long-lasting photoluminescent material. The principle of its luminescence is that after being irradiated by visible light such as daylight or light, it gradually releases light under low light or dark conditions, producing a "luminescence".

This series is very popular in our Halloween event. In the dark night, the ghost-like ring is looming, creating the horror atmosphere you want. Especially this ring, with magic spells on it, always surprises and admires people. The words on the ring are written in Tengwa. It comes from a poem: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Rotate and decompress

This year, this type of rotatable decompression ring is also very popular. Unlike ordinary traditional rings, rotating rings are made with two parts: a fixed ring and a moving ring. When you wear this type of ring, it normally does not rotate, but when you rotate it slightly, the ring will be able to turn. When you are anxious, irritable, or thinking, you can rotate the ring on your hand to achieve the effect of decompression and also make touching the ring a habit.

This chain rotatable ring is the best-selling product in this category, maybe it is the first ring with interesting flavor. The whole ring has the style of punk and locomotive, and it is simple and generous. In terms of appearance, it wins! The chain in the middle of the ring is rotatable, telling you an interesting secret, this ring can also open wine bottles. This is really an interesting decompression ring, no wonder it is so popular!

Low-key but luxury

How can you have low-key luxury without gemstone jewelry. Part of the maturity of adults is reflected in the understatement, and a series of products can bring out the charm of a mature man.

The first is this tiger's eye stone ring. Why does it stand out among many rings? I think it's probably because of the uniqueness of the tiger's eye stone. Sparkling and vivid, like the eyes of a tiger, like the pattern of a tiger, can exert the power like a king, a noble holy stone ring. Of course, it also has the style of purple sandstone. The purple sandstone is like the stars in the universe, and countless bright spots light up this dark night. It is also a romantic and low-key ring.

The other is this turquoise bracelet. Turquoise is the birthstone of December, and it is very suitable to be introduced to everyone at this time.


As you can see, we have made a lot of progress this year, and a big part of it can't be separated from your support and suggestions to us. In the new year, we will continue to provide you with excellent service and do our best to make the jewelry you want. Happy New Year to all of you and wish you all the best!