9 meaningful sun jewelry worth wearing in Rockandspark

November 11, 2021
9 meaningful sun jewelry worth wearing in Rockandspark

As summer goes and winter comes, re you looking forward to warm sunny days as the temperature drops? Today, let's take a look at sun jewelry. There will be sun rings, sun pendants and fun sun-related jewelry that you will love.

What does sun mean on jewelry

The sun is an essential cosmic substance for people. It is because of the sun that people can see the light, it is because of the sun that the world has the change of seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is because of the sun that the world is colorful, and it is because of the sun that people feel what it means to be warm. Therefore, in jewelry design, the element of the sun is very common and very popular. The sun is a symbol of royalty in some countries, and in addition to that, because of its unique characteristics, it also has a symbolic meaning of warmth, hope and vitality. Sunstone is named after the many neatly arranged, brightly colored flake mineral inclusions in feldspar that, when illuminated by light, reflect golden highlights, resembling the sun's four rays.

The mythical significance of the sun

Sun Pattern Eagle Sterling Silver Men's Ring

In ancient Egypt, the sun had a god-like status, and Pharaoh Raneb of the second dynasty of ancient Egypt first introduced the symbol of the sun in the name of Horus. It is evident that from ancient times, people had a fear and desire for the sun. They believed that the "sun god" could protect the country and guarantee the immortality of the entire ancient Egyptian nation. The designer combined the sun and jewelry to create this golden sun ring in sterling silver. The golden sun is a symbol of kingship and irreplaceable power.

Evil Eye Sun Stainless Steel Pendant

The sun pendant with the evil eye is designed because the sun is the most virile and can suppress and even destroy all evil in the world. This coincides with the worship of the sun in Egyptian civilization.

Star Moon Sun Stainless Steel Rotatable Ring

Besides Egypt, people have explored the celestial bodies quite a bit. The myths of the sun, moon and stars reflect the simple understanding of ancient man about the celestial bodies, and some of them express their desire to control the celestial bodies by means of sorcery, with primitive science and some practical significance. However, due to the penetration and integration of various primitive concepts, they eventually merged into myths full of naive fantasies.

Sunflower Stainless Steel Gold Ring

In Western culture, the name of the sun god is Helios, a tall, brave, handsome, white-faced and beautiful man who wears a purple robe and a solar crown that emits numerous golden rays. As a result, Helios was also mythologized as the most beautiful man in the gods, and as such, he had many lovers and many children. For example, in Greek mythology, one of his lovers, Clutieux, became a sunflower; moving her face in the direction of the sun every day. Therefore, this sunflower ring represents the love that never leaves and can be given as a gift to your lover. 

Live For The Sun Stainless Steel Ring

Of course, in addition to symbolizing love, sunflowers also means that people with firm convictions are not afraid of difficulties, go forward courageously, and love life. This ring connects nine sunflowers and surrounds you 360 degrees, which also means happiness surrounds you.

The concrete meaning of the sun

After talking about the myth, we return to reality. In the real world, the sun is a star, massive and extremely hot. Sun worship is a kind of nature worship that targets celestial bodies. Before humans were formed, the sun already existed. After the birth of mankind, the sun, as a natural object, gets along with mankind day and night. 

Sun Stainless Steel Ring

In the early days of human society, that is, the age of primitive gathering and hunting, sun worship has not occurred yet. Because although the sun has a more significant impact on people, it does not have a direct impact on people's lives and life safety after all. Only after entering the Neolithic Age, that is, after human beings were able to carry out productive production (agriculture and animal husbandry), did the sun have a direct interest in humans. People feel that the fruits of their labor are restricted by the sun, which encourages people to think about the sun more and guess the sun.

The Sun and the Moon Sterling Silver Ring

The pattern of this couple ring is the moon and the sun. In addition to the light that the sun brings to people, the night represented by the moon is equally important. The long-term development of mankind has been accompanied by day and night.

Golden Sun Sterling Silver Men's Ring

This ring design is inspired by the photosynthesis of plants. The sun is shining on the earth, and the plants affected by him are growing vigorously, swaying in the wind. The same is true of the scene depicted in the bracelet below. Plants grow through photosynthesis and provide food for humans and animals. This is the living conditions that the sun brings to people.

Sun Bird Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet


I believe that the image of the sun has been very well remembered, even now let everyone put pen to paper to draw a great probability are similar versions, perhaps this is the signs of the times. And from ancient times to the present, a lot of jewelry has been inspired by the sun.

The jewelers who have a great passion for the sun have not only expressed their love by "naming" a limited number of stones, but have also explored the possibilities of the "sun" in endless jewelry designs. That's all for today, if you have anything to say, please leave it in the comments section. Finally, happy shopping!

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