Are you ready for your Halloween jewelry in 2021?

October 10, 2021
Are you ready for your Halloween jewelry in 2021?

When you start searching for horror decorations, the craziest Halloween of this year is coming. For children, Halloween is a time when they can "trick or treat". In the world of adults, the most anticipated part of Halloween is the Halloween party. So, at this time, have you matched your Halloween jewelry? The author here recommends to you some jewellery most suitable for Halloween costumes at Rockandspark in 2021.

How to choose your own Halloween jewelry

When it comes to Halloween, in addition to those fancy costumes, the jewelry that matches the costumes will also become the focus of the party. Dark jewelry in line with the Halloween atmosphere, such as skull jewelry, witch jewelry, pirate jewelry, bat jewelry, etc. become a common jewelry with costumes. So, how to choose the right one among so many dark vintage jewelry?

Vintage Halloween jewelry

Vintage jewelry often has a medieval mystique or an ancient civilization. Those scary and dark Gothic styles and mysterious symbols are fascinating.

Halloween Witch Hat Broom Brass Open Ring

Halloween is a holiday with a spooky atmosphere, and this ring is perfect for a witch's costume to match. A witch is not perfect without a hat, and even if you don't wear one, this ring already proves your identity.

Devil's Eye Stainless Steel Men's Gemstone Pendant

The horrific legend that a single glance can kill can be found in almost any civilization in the annals of history. A malevolent glance from the evil eye can cause misfortune, illness and even death. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that witches would use the evil eye against those who went against them. They would be the victims of illness and economic crisis or bankruptcy. So, this pendant is also the jewelry needed for witches or evil characters.

Horn and Devil's Eye Stainless Steel Pendant

There are evil forces encroaching, and then there are amulets to ward them off. The main defense weapon against the evil eye is the amulet. Most such amulets are in the shape of frogs and bull horns. So, this pendant is used to trap the evil forces by using the cow's horn as a border. The pendant comes in four colors-red, yellow and blue for you to choose from.

Ferocious Eye Snake Stainless Steel Men's Pendant

Of course, the snake representing the evil force will not be absent. In Western culture, the snake is a symbol of dark, cunning and greed. The delicately carved snake pattern and lifelike eyes seem to attack in the next second, so this pendant is suitable for the bad guys.

The mummies from Egyptian culture are also very cool. The ancient Egyptians believed that a person would have a soul after death, and his soul would not die, and would still attach to the corpse or statue. Therefore, after the death of the pharaoh, he would be mummified and prayed for resurrection. This pendant is shaped like a mummy, and the hideous skull reveals a decadent atmosphere. It is a pendant suitable for Egyptian style.

Biker jewelry

Avid bikers can also show their style at Halloween parties. As we all know, skull is one of the essential elements in Gothic style, but in the biker family, skull symbolizes the limit beyond death.

Halloween Skull Stainless Steel Band Ring

Where did the skeletons in the biker club come from? After the end of World War II, veterans found nothing to do but fight, and they were so disconnected from society that it was hard for them to find suitable jobs. These former American heroes then set up various biker clubs, all using the skulls of the troops they had served with as the club's logo. These young people abandoned by society have also been wearing leather clothes with skulls, believing that skulls can give themselves the courage to face life head-on, and deter those who look down on them. They feel they are pirates of the golden age, gaining freedom by rebelling against mainstream society. Land is their ocean, motorcycles are their ships, they increase the throttle, and companions to 80 miles per hour on the road racing.

Ace Of Spades Punisher Stainless Steel Pendant

The Punisher is also a veteran, after being hurt, in his own way to maintain the fairness of the world. Although his way is a bit extreme and violent, it is also the embodiment of his love for life and pursuit of freedom, which matches the spirit of bikers. Therefore, these rings are suitable for people who love biker culture to wear, and they can also show their personality at the same time, in line with the theme of Halloween party.

Luminous ring

Even if you are in the dark, you don't need to worry about it, these luminous rings can also make you the center of attention. Such rings contain glow-in-the-dark powder, which stores light energy when exposed to light, and then slowly releases it as a fluorescent light for several hours after the light is stopped.

Bat Pattern Stainless Steel Luminous Ring
Dragon Pattern Stainless Steel Luminous Ring

These glow-in-the-dark rings emit a spooky color at night, which is very much in line with the theme of Halloween, isn't it? Such rings are fun and interesting, right? These are suitable for both men and women.


Finally, Happy Halloween to everyone! Our Halloween jewelry doesn't stop there, for more great content, click here to find your style of jewelry! Also, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment here.

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