Do you like animal jewelry?

December 12, 2022
Do you like animal jewelry?

In jewelry, animal have always been a common theme for a long time. Many jewelry designers are inspired by animal in nature. They are flexible and vivid, with a high sense of art, which is in line with the design concept of jewelry. Many fashionistas' rings are characterized by animal shapes, which has created a trend of animal shapes in the fashion world and is loved by many people. So, how much do you know about animal styling? The following is a detailed introduction for you.

Types of animal Jewelry

Part 1: Snake

In animal styling, unique jewelry rings are created to match the physical qualities of the animal. For example, the snake, an ancient totem with a long history, has been a group favorite in animal styling. From ancient times, it has been sought after by countless people. In the ancient Egyptian period, the spirit snake served as a symbol of power, and it was often found on the crowns of Egyptian pharaohs, as well as on many of the jewelry pieces of the famous Cleopatra. As a result, the snake shape was given a mysterious, noble and unique aura. So what are the shapes and meanings of snake jewelry?

Ferocious Eye Snake Stainless Steel Men's Pendant

From ancient times, snake as a fierce cold-blooded animal, it can be both noble and cold, but also fierce and domineering. Applying snakes on men's pendants creates the unique dangerous and charming temperament of the eye snake, highlighting the dominant nobility of men.

Black White Snake Winding Men's Ring

The black and white entwined snake ring is also typical. Dating back to Greek times, the snake is a symbol of life, representing death, rebirth and guardianship. Each snake has the experience of molting and being reborn, and the designers have incorporated the snake into the ring to signify the eternity of life. The white snake is elegant and noble, while the black snake is mysterious and dominant. The black and white snake rings are integrated with fine interlocking scales, outlining the free and flexible posture of the snake, lingering around the finger, and exemplifying the unique prismatic light of the snake.

Part 2: Dragon

Dragon Jewelry

Of course, the animal shape is not only a snake, there is a similar animal with the snake, but does not really exist in nature, that is, people imagine the dragon. The symbolic meaning of the dragon is a big difference between Chinese and Western cultures, in Eastern culture, the dragon is wisdom, bravery incarnate, a symbol of nobility and guardianship. However, in the West, dragons are more like dinosaurs with wings, and in the Christian view, dragons are the embodiment of evil, until modern times, with the influence of Western aesthetics, dragons gradually gained people's love. Although the gap between Chinese and Western cultures is large, the dragon has always maintained its mystery and inviolability, and this image full of strange and mysterious also triggered the wonderful inspiration of many jewelry designers to design a lot of stylized jewelry about dragons.

Mysterious and domineering is often people's impression of dragons. The biggest feature of the dragon is the domineering dragon head. The status of the faucet is respected and distinguished. People often carve the faucet on the dragon chair or on the beam to show the dignity of the faucet. The use of faucet in jewelry is more to show its mysterious and majestic temperament. In the dragon head jewelry, the dense pattern on the top of the forehead, the domineering dragon nose and the angular skull all show the unique domineering majesty of the dragon head jewelry.

Pirate Anchor Golden Dragon Sterling Silver Men's Pendant

There are also pendants in the dragon-shaped jewelry that are made in the full body shape of a dragon. There are many forms of dragons, among which the five-clawed golden dragon is the incarnation of good luck, wealth and peace in oriental culture. It is combined with the anchor symbolizing victory in Western culture, which means career success, wealth and auspiciousness, and the integration of Chinese and Western cultures is also the direction that jewelry designers have been pursuing unremittingly.

Part3: Eagles, Butterflies, etc.

Eagle Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet

I believe everyone is familiar with the eagle. The eagle symbolizes freedom, victory and bravery. It symbolizes the spirit of fighting forward bravely and never admitting defeat. Jewelry designers have burst out many jewelry design inspirations based on the shape of the eagle.

When the eagle is flying in the air, it will spread its two huge wings, and the top of its head will also extend forward in an attacking posture. This typical form of flying in the air is very popular among designers. It can intuitively show the positive emotions of freedom and victory, bring positive emotional infection to people, and inspire people spiritually.

Luminous Plated Butterfly Pattern Stainless Steel Ring

In animal modeling, not only eagles fly in the air, but also a butterfly that is very popular among women.

People's pursuit of beauty and kindness is often reflected in clothing and jewelry. Obviously, nature favors butterflies, which endow butterflies with gorgeous colors and symmetrical and beautiful wings. Symmetrical aesthetics are vividly reflected in the shape of the butterfly. The complex wing texture and symmetrical skeleton structure fully display the beauty of the butterfly ring, which is also favored by the majority of women.


Animal-shaped jewelry has always been active in the jewelry fashion circle. Its unique animal shape provides people with a steady source of inspiration, making animal modeling an important fashion category in jewelry and a favorite jewelry shape for the public. If you are interested in animal-shaped jewelry, you might as well click the following official website link to browse more modeling jewelry.

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