How to choose chain necklace on RS?

August 08, 2022
How to choose chain necklace on RS?

A chain may not be the most gorgeous item in jewelry, but it must be a must-have accessory around your neck. Whether it's a pendant or a necklace, a chain can always help you complete your daily outfit. A gold chain necklace, for example, can make you stand out in a crowd. Chain necklaces don’t come in as many styles and elements as rings, but they also come in many different styles that are timeless, simple and versatile. Today, let's take a look at the chain necklaces in the rockandspark store.

Types of chains

Chain Necklace

Cuban chain

Cuban Splicing Stainless Steel Necklace

A chain is worn alone as a necklace has become a popular accessory for young people. The earliest material of Cuban chains was gold, which became a must-have accessory for rappers. With the development of people's aesthetics and craftsmanship, the Cuban chain has developed from the original pure gold chain to the current diamond-encrusted chain and stainless steel chain. For example, this Cuban chain patchwork necklace combines two styles of chain necklace together in different widths and lengths for a distinctive layering. It also gives you inspiration that different chains stacked together are creative and unique.

Jewelry chain

Jewelry chains exist for the aesthetic purpose. They can be worn with pendants or beads around the wrist or neck. For example, these various pendants and various chains coexist harmoniously, creating a multi-element fashion; It can also be worn alone, just like the chain necklace worn by Connell Waldron, the protagonist of the TV series "Normal People", which is simple and stylish. There is also a wide variety of chains, and rockandspark stores have the following kinds.

Box Chain

As a matching chain for jewelry, box chains are still used very often. Box chain consists of square links that look seamless from link to link, and it looks like a perfectionist who does not allow himself to have hairy edges. Because of his unique shape, it has other names as Venice chain and book chain.

Snake Chain

Snake Bone Stainless Steel Men's Necklace

This twisted like a snake is the snake chain. The snake chain with nice gemstone ring is a gorgeous choice for any party. It is not as rigid as a box chain, nor as masculine as a wheat chain, it gives a softer and more versatile feel. The tightly woven design is closer to the skin and will not get tangled in your clothes.

Cable Chain

Hip Hop Boiled Black Simple Men's Necklace

Cable chain is arguably the most classic of jewelry matching chains, it consists of round or oval links of the same size, it won't be flat like a snake chain, it will twist a bit to sit flat on your skin. Of course, its width is also optional, so if you like chunky, vintage necklaces, then this is the chain for you.

Women tend to prefer the thinner Cable chain, which can be worn with a favorite pendant or alone as a necklace, and will make your neck look slim and graceful.

Rolo Chains

Twist Stainless Steel Box Chain Necklace

Rolo chain is a bit like a cable chain, its links are more like beads that have been pierced through a hollow, some Rolo chains are round on the outside and flat on the inside, Rolo chains are more suited to be worn with pendants, the rounded appearance gives you a comfortable experience on your skin and also adds a bit of cuteness to you.

This necklace is woven with three Rolo chains. If you like hip-hop or rock and roll, this gold chain will make you the center of attention.

Wheat Chain

Twist Men's Stainless Steel Necklace

Wheat chains or Spiga chains are made by weaving twisted oval links to replicate the texture of wheat. They look very delicate and symmetrical, just like a braided rope. The rope looks very pleasing to the eye, even when it is bare. Due to his construction, the wheat chain is considered to be very strong and rigid. Usually, it does not break.

Figure Of Eight Chain

Minimalist Design Chain Stainless Steel Necklace

Figure Of Eight Chain is made up of twisted figure-eight links. The beautiful and curved chain is more suitable for women to wear. The chain link is also more like the mathematical symbol "∞", so the Figure Of Eight Chain is also called an infinite chain. The wireless symbol represents infinity, and this necklace is also endowed with the meaning of infinity, which will magnify the beauty and charm of the wearer, and also signifies the infinite potential of the wearer.

Marine Chain

Silver And Golden Stainless Steel Necklace

Marine Chain or Anchor Chain is unique in appearance and consists of interlocking ovals. Named for its resemblance to the chain of a ship's anchor. Marine Chain is either solid and flat or twisted. This inter-gold necklace is for men. The large, wide links make up a necklace that seems a bit thick and bulky, but is a weighty chain necklace that men like. The style also leans toward hip-hop or biker, and it will be a versatile necklace for men.

Length & wearing

Knowing some chain styles, let's take a look at the size selection of the chain. Chain necklaces are available in many widths and lengths. Choosing the right chain necklace will add extra highlight to your outfit, so how do you choose the right chain for you?

Usually, women can choose the length of the chain according to their intention or wear, for example, if you wear a soft sweater in autumn, you can match a longer chain (to the chest); if it is business or casual wear, the chain length can be 50-60cm; If you want to show your sexy neck or collarbone, you can wear a choker chain (40-48cm) that is closer to your neck.

Men have fewer options than women, and any length of chain can go with their shirts, t-shirts or sweaters.


A chain will be the most practical partner around your neck, it is diverse enough to take on the role of a necklace, and it will also be the best aid, especially if you want to show off your new pendant. After choosing the chain, you might as well take a look at the pendant, there may be surprises.

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