Is vintage jewelry worth buying?

September 09, 2020
Is vintage jewelry worth buying?
"When you buy an antique, you are not only buying fabrics and workmanship-you are buying someone's past." This is the British contemporary writer Isabel Wolf in her novel "Antique Clothes Love" A description in.

The vintage originally originated in post-war Europe, but became popular in Japan. Express self-tonality through vintage clothing.

Today, we mainly talk about antique jewelry from Europe.

The modern concept of fashion originated in the European Middle Ages, and the history of European antique jewelry can also be traced back to the early Middle Ages. From the beginning of the Middle Ages, the European economy was unprecedentedly prosperous, a large amount of wealth poured into the upper class, jewelry was sought after by the nobles, and the history of medieval jewelry in Europe began.

The four most important historical periods in the history of antique jewelry

1. The 1880s during the French Napoleon III period, also known as the British Victorian era (Victorian era)
2. The French Art Nouveau period in the 1900s
3. French corolla garland period in the 1910s, also known as the British Edwardian period
4. During the Art Deco period in the 1925s, the most worthy collection of decorative art

Because jewelry had the function of currency at that time, most of the precious jewels were disassembled and melted after changing hands, so the number of well-preserved antique jewels was scarce. Thanks to the importance of religion in medieval Europe, many religious jewels were very well preserved To this day, we have a glimpse of the jewelry style and craftsmanship of the time. At this time, the vintages carry their own stories, and are also waiting for Bole who can understand them.

The era that can't go back and the traditional craftsmanship that disappeared are like antiques, one sold is one less.

Of course, if you want to become a Vintage expert, you always have some trendy collections in your closet. There is absolutely no possibility of copying these vintage jewels: the main body of each jewel is a genuine treasure.

The supreme meaning of vintage jewelry is the "fusion of ancient and modern"-that is, the use of real antiquities in jewelry, not only irreplaceable, but also unique. This sense of continuity with the old and the new may be the reason why everyone likes vintage culture!

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