Men's Necklace Wearing Guide

March 03, 2022
Men's Necklace Wearing Guide

Today's urban hipster is fully capable of dressing for general occasions: whether it's attending a wedding, or going out on a blind date. However, there is still a big problem in the field of matching, how to match the accessories. In fact, you can start with the simple choice of a necklace that suits you. However, this also requires consideration of many factors, the length, type and material of necklace.

Men's Necklace Length

Men's necklaces are generally available in only three sizes. 18 inches (45cm): close to the base of the neck, it is a small size necklace. 20 inches (50cm): close to the collarbone, the most common size. 24 inches (60cm): It hangs down to the chest.

20 inches (50 cm), the necklace length standard is the most common and most commonly used style of men's silver necklace and it's a good length for a men's necklace, its wearing position is probably close to the position of men's collarbone, this type of necklace belongs to the more moderate necklace style, any body shape is more suitable to wear, and also can well modify the contour of men's face, so that men look more imperious. 18 inches (45 cm), the length of the necklace is worn close to the root of the neck, is the smallest necklace length of men's necklaces, the chain is mostly thicker, can bring out the feeling of men's special nobility. And suitable for wearing this necklace length of men's body shape should be relatively thin and tall, the neck is long and the chin looks more thin. The use of this short but rounded necklace style, can be full of neck and chin area, so that the whole person looks more three-dimensional and bold.

Men's Necklace Style

The next element to consider is the style of the chain. There are different types of chain rings that bring a different feel to each type of necklace. Some styles have flat chains near the chest, while others are more pronounced. Other chain styles have interesting shape links that make each style unique. Different chain styles are also more suitable for certain lengths.

Cuban Chain

Cuban links chains have interconnected oval links that are tightly knitted together as simple gold and white gold statement pieces. The Cuban link is one of the first choices for athletes because of its classic look.

Hiphop Simple Stainless Steel Men's Necklace

A simple Cuban chain paired with a simple white t-shirt will add flair to an otherwise monotonous outfit.

Cable Chain

Cable chain is a chain that resembles an anchor chain and is one of the most basic types of chains. It is made up of many ovals of the same size, and is based on the same principle as the Cuban chain, which can be worn alone or with a beautiful pendant. It is the main character when worn alone, and although it is not very eye-catching, it makes the whole outfit look better. In addition, the composition of the cable chain is very simple, so it can be easily repaired when the link is deformed or broken.

Hip Hop Boiled Black Simple Men's Necklace

Cross Necklace for Men

The cross necklace is a very popular type of jewelry. In addition to its decorative role, it has some other meanings.

Salvation of the soul and good fortune

In Western Europe and America, most people believe in Christianity, and the most well-known Christianity in the East is Jesus and the cross, which was cruelly nailed to the cross at that time. Jesus was cruelly crucified at that time. Jesus was crucified for the sake of mankind from suffering and endured great pain, which is not a great love and devotion. 

Classic Cross Stainless Steel Pendant

Later, among Christians, the cross was defined as the salvation and freedom of the soul. In many European and American films and TV shows, when the heroes encounter danger, they often choose to take out the cross hanging around their necks and kiss it, hoping to get good luck.

Material of Necklace

Stainless steel: Stainless steel chains are inexpensive and perfect for everyday leisure with. Stainless steel is not easy to deformation, also not easy to oxidation, very durable. Easy for daily care and maintenance.

Silver: People usually choose 925 silver as the raw material because its texture is relatively less soft. Silver chains are moderately priced, but they are prone to oxidation and thus lose their luster compared to stainless steel, so they need to be polished and cleaned regularly.

Gold: Gold necklaces are usually a favorite of men with personality, such as hip-hop artists. It is available in many colors, including gold, rose gold and platinum. It requires the same daily maintenance as a silver chain, but the price is higher.


Above is our advice on how to choose a suitable necklace. Here you can shop our store to choose your perfect necklace.

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