September 09, 2020

The charm of a man lies in the details. The bracelet can express your taste and texture as a man without speaking. The jewelry chosen by each person's personality varies greatly, reflecting his attitude towards life from another angle.

Main styles

Braided bracelet

Keywords: fashion and vitality are the characteristics of this bracelet. Be brave and have the courage to tell others how you feel.

Matching: It can be mixed and matched with all bracelets, of course it is more suitable for summer. If your wardrobe is more casual pants and tropical style shirts, then woven bracelets are preferred.


Beaded bracelets

Keywords: Beaded bracelets add trendy accessory design and a lot of careful details. They bring a completely different effect and are very popular.

Matching: You can easily control and mix and match by choosing the width of the strip, the size of the beads, the lightweight beads and the rope bracelet.


Metal bracelet

Keywords: tough, masculine, rock. Through the visual sense of the bracelet, choose the bracelet that matches your appearance.

Matching: stainless steel or copper material, so that you can also have fashionable items at a suitable price. Watches with leather straps are good choices.

Leather bracelet

Keywords: casual, cowboy, unruly. Leather bracelets are rich in colors, so you can wear various colors. The tan of the natural leather bracelet is the most textured color, which is easy to match with jeans, khakis or suits.

Matching: The color of the bracelet is best to match the color of the belt and shoes, so that the whole shape is coordinated and tasteful. Note that if you tie the strap today, the leather bracelet is not very suitable, and it is very good to mix and match with the bead bracelet.


Mixed elements

This will give you more choices for your collocation, even if you are keen to mix and match, you can easily control it.

Animal elements

Keywords: It is easy to give people a stylish and warm feeling.

Matching:If you want this exaggerated animal style to play its greatest advantage, you must avoid other combinations that are too fancy.

Every thing exists, that is, it has the meaning of its existence, and ornaments can express people's attitude and personality. Choose a bracelet that fits your skin so that they can hide in the sleeves. If you are used to the style and tone that the bracelet brings to you, it will quietly become a part of you.If you want to embrace the charm of simplicity and find more bracelets, recommended www.rock and


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