What do mens turquoise jewelry mean?

April 04, 2022
What do mens turquoise jewelry mean?

Turquoise is a blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, gets its name because it "looks like a pine ball and its color is nearly pine green". The English name is turquoise, which means Turkish stone. Turquoise is not produced in Turkey. It is said that the turquoise produced in ancient Persia was transported into Europe through Turkey.Turquoise is a mineral combination of copper and aluminum, with moderate hardness, fine and warm touch. In the west, turquoise enjoys multiple reputations, commonly known as "stone of success" and "stone of luck".American Indians believe that turquoise is the spirit bred by the sea and blue sky. The beautiful color makes people feel better, so it will bring good luck and good luck to people, so it will have the reputation of successful lucky stone. Beautiful gemstones are naturally favored by people, so turquoise is often made into jewelry, which can be worn by both men and women.

Turquoise Jewelry

There are many types of turquoise jewelry worn by men, ranging from rings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

Simple Oval Turquoise Stainless Steel Ring

The most striking thing about this ring is that it is inlaid with a very beautiful blue turquoise. The blue turquoise and silver ring set off each other, which can not only make the gemstone exude a dazzling and charming luster, but also maintain its noble and understated. The smooth lines of the ring itself wrap the gem well, just like a knight protecting the princess. It is noble and elegant without losing politeness. The whole ring is simple and elegant, can be matched flexibly, and the lines are smooth without losing its fashion taste.

Viking Turquoise Tiger Eye Steel Men's Bracelet

This bracelet looks masculine and domineering, with exquisite threads and tiger eyes embedded in it. It looks like a dormant tiger. It is powerful and majestic without showing arrogance. What's more, these two blue reticulated turquoise are dense and stand opposite to each other to form a delicate balance beauty. The bracelet has fine texture and bright luster. It is the best choice for men's bracelets.

Star of David Turquoise Stainless Steel Pendant

This pendant has a unique shape. The outer ring is a hexagram star, and the inner ring skillfully forms a parallelogram pattern, which has the beauty of symmetry. In the center, a half blue spider mosquito turquoise is inlaid, and the black grain adds a little mystery to the gem. This pendant is made of stainless steel and has a hard appearance. It can prevent sweat corrosion, no fading, no deformation and no allergy. Therefore, it will not be damaged whether it is surfing on the beach or working at home. In addition, because of its neutral style, both men and women can wear it. If you are excited, you might as well click the web to browse and place an order!

After reading these three kinds of jewelry, will you have some questions? Why does Turquoise appear blue and why does it have reticular spider patterns? Let's answer it for you.

First of all, the reason why turquoise is blue is that turquoise is high in copper, which causes the blue color. In the same way, iron replaces some of the aluminum in the chemical composition, giving turquoise its green color. Because of the different elements inside turquoise, there are many colors of turquoise, mainly divided into blue turquoise, light blue turquoise, blue-green turquoise, green turquoise, and yellow-green turquoise, light green turquoise.

Second, the black network structure is actually an iron wire, which is a mineral aggregate associated with the natural growth of turquoise in the geological formation. The iron wire can be thick or thin, loose or dense, with different shapes, and the various shapes also add a unique mysterious texture to it.

Turquoise has a variety of colors and forms. It has good adaptability to all kinds of jewelry, so it can be matched in patterns for both men and women.

Indian Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring

This Indian Silver Turquoise Ring has a unique Indian style in its crown shape. The patterns of the ring's outer ring are layered, and the patterns at the bottom are arranged in order. The white polishing and priming is only to highlight the triangular Blue Turquoise in the center. The texture is delicate and pure, and the full sky blue photosynthesis makes it exude an elegant and charming atmosphere. The inner ring of the ring is printed with letters, which has profound meaning.

Turquoise Cross Stainless Steel Necklace Set

This Turquoise stainless steel necklace set is more unique. The necklace is made of stainless steel, waterproof and sweat proof. It is wrapped with blue turquoise at the lower right corner, breaking its regular and closed circle, making Turquoise more dazzling and unique. The bottom decoration is a cross, which represents luck and hopes to be guarded by angels, echoing and setting off the auspicious meaning of turquoise.

Turquoise Round Bead Men's Bracelet

Turquoise Bead men's bracelet is exclusively customized for men. 21 Turquoise closely linked, round and smooth appearance set off each other, sending out charming luster. The two colors are matched arbitrarily, implying men's rights and status, symbolizing luck and success.

After reading the above three ornaments, are you excited about Turquoise. However, turquoise, as a gem, although beautiful and charming in appearance, also needs our careful care. Here are some ways and techniques to clean turquoise jewelry.

How to clean turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is a kind of water containing gem. Its characteristic is that it likes water and is afraid of high temperature. Therefore, daily maintenance is inseparable from water.

First, in the case of regular wearing or playing, wash with water, wipe dry and place. Because in the process of wearing turquoise, turquoise will contact the oil secreted by human skin. Some of these oils will form a protective film on its surface to prevent water loss, and some will go deep into the interior of turquoise to slowly change its color, which is also the wonderful fun of wearing turquoise jewelry. If you don't like color change, you can also clean the surface grease regularly, and do not use chemical lotion.

Second, in the case of viewing, soak in water regularly, once a half month, once a day, put it in a sealed bag and store it in a cool place.

Therefore, turquoise also has some precautions.First, be afraid of high temperature and do not expose yourself to the sun.Second, be afraid of bumps. Pay attention when wearing and playingThird, be afraid of chemicals. If you want to use shampoo and shower gel when taking a bath, try to take off the pine stone.

The above is all kinds of details about turquoise. If you are interested, you can click here to browse and buy on the official website!

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