The main component of natural crystal is silicon dioxide. It is a mineral crystal formed under special geological conditions. After the earth has been refined for more than tens of thousands of years, it resonates and interacts with nature. Its magnetic field has great and unlimited energy wave. Natural crystals can release 8 million shocks per second, which contains powerful and abundant energy, so wearing natural crystals has a certain auxiliary effect on improving the living environment. And because all kinds of crystals hint and guide people's psychology, they affect our lives. Many people have questions about the spirituality of crystals. Does the crystal have the spirituality mentioned?

The answer is yes: The American Academy of Sciences once conducted an experiment. Put two dying roses in two cups, and then pour crystal water and water into the two cups. The result is that the roses are in the water. It survived for 4 days, while the rose flower in the crystal water survived for 11 days. So from this, it is obvious that crystals are really spiritual, but where does the spirituality of crystals come from?

Scientific research has found that crystals will generate electricity in a specific state and release a stable oscillation frequency. When people meditate on the crystal, they will transmit brain waves to it with concentrated energy, and the crystal will transfer this energy. Storage and expansion.

Choosing pink crystals, energy is soft love, helping to clean up and at the same time restart your own energy.

Aquamarine can not only guide expression, but also calm emotions.

For office workers or creative workers who overuse their brains, they have a good balance of psychological effects: Black crystals are also known as the leader stone, which can increase the charisma of leaders and help their careers.

Natural crystal has been ubiquitous on the earth for more than 100 million years. It has continuously evolved under the elements of nature and finally became the natural object with the largest cosmic energy on earth. It is ideal to use crystal directly to make jewelry. Although it cannot cure diseases, it can calm people's mood and develop intelligence. Often wearing crystal jewelry is good for people.