Cuba chain is derived from the standard cable chain, which is characterized by oval chain links crossed in the form of ropes. Although it is regarded as a bit traditional, it matches well with clothing, and many trend pioneers or hip-hop musicians choose it. The Cuban Link actually has nothing to do with the country of Cuba. With the rise of hip hop music in the 70's, the gold chain was popularized by a rapper named Felix Delgado, and his stage name Cuban Link was used as the name of the chain.


The Cuban chain was born out of the hip-hop jewelry movement of the late 1970s and mid-1980s. Cuban link jewelry is not limited to chains, but also bracelets and rings. Now people think that Cuban link jewelry are an integral part of hip-hop culture.


Cuban chains are very expensive. Even in the world of high-end jewelry, Cuban chains are a symbol of luxury. It is said that an 18-carat Cuban chain is worth $27,000, and the most expensive ones will even reach $270,000. Why do Cuban chains cost so much? Because Cuban chains are made with very high material and labor costs. Expensive Cuban chains are handmade. There are only a few stores in Miami that make real Cuban chains, often through 30 time-consuming artisanal processes. It takes more than 12 hours of work by more than 5 skilled jewelers to make a Cuban chain. So a Cuban chain is more than a chain, it is the blood and sweat of an artisan.


In addition, the price of gold largely increases the cost of these chains. An ounce of gold currently costs $1800, but even the best Cuban chains are mixed with some other metals. Because gold itself is not a very hard metal, it is impossible to make jewelry with gold alone, so other metals must be added when making it.


Although fashion elements are always changing, the Cuban chain has its own unique charm and is always in the fashion scene. Recently, it has been on many people's "wish lists". It seems that everyone wants to own the Cuban chain as a fashion item.


But not everyone can afford the high price. So many factories began to use machines instead of labor, and cheap and durable stainless steel instead of expensive gold, making the Cuban chain a fashionable item that everyone can buy. Now, the men's Cuban chain is very popular. You can see men wearing gold bracelets or rings everywhere on the street. From the way it hangs on your neck, or from the way it complements the watch on your wrist, the Cuban really gets close to your canine partner and becomes a man's best friend.