What Is The Meaning Of The North Star

July 07, 2022
What Is The Meaning Of The North Star

Human imagination is infinite, and will integrate various things into jewelry design. Some are mysterious and ancient symbols with special meanings; some combine spiritual animals with gems or symbols; recently, people are keen to integrate the beautiful moon and stars in the sky into the design of jewelry, so that you can feel the beauty of the vast stars. Among them, the North Star, as a special star, has always been used in jewelry design. Today we will talk about the myth and meaning of the North Star.

What is the North Star?

The North Star is the prominent star closest to the north celestial pole at any time. It has played a guiding role in human history for a long time. The identification of the ancient navigation direction, and even today's field orientation, are inseparable from the North Star. The North Star has become a very important indicator, and it is also a constellation for identifying the direction of stargazing, which is very important in astrophotography, observation and positioning. Europeans and Americans respect the North Star. The location of the North Star is easy for European and American residents to observe. When the night is clear, the North Star can be easily seen with the naked eye and is eye-catching and dazzling. Therefore, in the West, people often use “You are my Polaris” to express that someone is very important in their own life or career, plays a role in pointing out the direction, and has a very grateful meaning.

North Star Cross Stainless Steel Pendant

This retro classic North Star pendant is a hot sale on our site. The designer added some Gothic patterns on the basis of the Polaris shape, so that the whole is not monotonous, but more gorgeous and eye-catching.

The Meaning of The North Star

It is because the position of the North Star is relatively stable and does not change easily that it gives the impression of being loyal and having its own position. From a life perspective, the North Star has the significance of guiding us to our goals, just as it allows us to discern our direction.

If you have someone who inspires you, or who has been helping you and guiding your life in the right direction, he or she is like a North Star to you. When you are confused and can't find the direction to stick to, he/she can light up the road ahead in order to answer questions. So please don't be stingy with your feelings and express them in real objects. Show your gratitude by gifting him/her a North Star ring.

Northern Star Stainless Steel Punk Ring

This ring is inspired by the North Star. The plane of the ring is concave and convex, forming a total of 6 facets. There is a North Star pattern on each facet, as if to tell you that no matter who you are may become your guide. Give this delicate and sturdy stainless steel ring to your "North Star" to thank him/her for your help. This ring is suitable for both men and women and is a good choice. Of course, you can also opt for the North Star pendant.

From the point of view of love, the North Star symbolizes steadfastness, persistence and eternal guardianship. If it is anthropomorphized, then it must have a commitment to the star that is close to it, otherwise it would not be an unfailing guardian, such as the moon, although they are far away, the North Star is still the guardian. So it is very firm, symbolizing that it will never change.

Give your loved one a piece of North Star related jewelry, and give her/him the most important promise to make your relationship stronger and build more trust in each other.

Rotatable Star And Moon Stainless Steel Pendant

Is the North Star Good Luck?

For thousands of years, the North Star has been a guiding light for mariners and travelers, allowing them to navigate the seas and traverse the wilderness without getting lost. Thus, the North Star is a symbol of luck for people.

The Myth of The North Star

There are many legends about the North Star and I would like to share one of the most important ones with you. Nah-gah, the son of Shinoh the goat, was an excellent climber. One day he found a mountain he had never climbed before. The mountain was very high and the slope very steep. Nah-gah was determined to climb to the top of this great mountain. From his base, he went exploring and looked for a way to climb the mountain, but he never succeeded. Until one day he found a crack that led down instead of up. He walked down the crevasse and as soon as the tunnel at the bottom turned into the tunnel at the top, it turned into a dark narrow tunnel and blocked his way back up. Finally he saw a point of light ahead of him. Nah-ga excitedly pushed through the hole and found himself on top of the mountain.

Nah-ga made it to the top, but as he looked around at the steep slopes and precipices, he realized he was trapped at the top. Nah-gah was not afraid or lonely, but he was proud to have climbed this great mountain, even though he was to stay there until death.

Shinoh longs for his son and begins to walk the sky looking for Nah-gah; he calls out to his son and Nah-gah answers him. Shinoh saw his son trapped on that great mountain and turned him into a star that was to become a guiding beacon for all life on earth. Shino made Nah-gah the North Star.


The North Star once said to the Earth, "If you ever get lost, look up at me, and I'll always be here for you. So people who are lost look up for it. After you get lost at night, will you also look up at the North Star to determine your direction?

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