Who killed medusa?

October 10, 2020
Who killed medusa?

Medusa, whose name means "Queen", is one of the most famous banshees in ancient Greek mythology. The story of her and the hero Perseus is widely circulated and has become a frequently used material in Western art. We will analyze the image of Medusa from some ancient Greek works.

The brothers and sisters that Medusa's mother of the sea monster engraved all grow up to look like ghosts. Only Medusa is graceful and slim, and there are many suitors. Medusa declined everyone, determined to be a priest of the Temple of Athena who will remain virgin for life.

Among the suitors is a special figure who is determined to win, he is the brother of Zeus, Poseidon. Several courtships were rejected and the fight for the patron saint of Athens failed. Poseidon was furious. He kept doing nothing. He raped Medusa in the Parthenon Temple and defiled Athena's virgin sanctuary, venting his discontent.

Medusa asked Athena for help, and Athena not only refused to help, she cursed her instead. The beautiful hair turned into snake hair. Anyone who saw her petrified immediately. Overnight, Medusa changed from a beautiful girl to a monster that no one dared to approach, and fell to Sarpedon Island near Ayvalik, Turkey, which is far away from Athens. Above, her tragic fate is far from over.

Perseus used the mirror shield to reflect light and cut off her head without looking directly at Medusa. After poor Medusa was beheaded, she was born in a pool of blood with Poseidon’s two sons, Pegasus and the giant Chrysaor. 

After Parsius returned home, Polydechtes couldn't believe his success. Parsius showed him Medusa's head, turning him into a stone, and Dictis became king.
Perseus dedicated Medusa's head to Athena, and Athena inlaid her in the center of the Aegis, a shield made for her by the god Hephaestus. It is said that there are only two Aegis, and the other is owned by Zeus.

This is the end of Medusa's tragic life. After all, we can't escape the dominance of Chronos and Ananke.

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