Why People Love Zircon Rings?

August 08, 2022
Why People Love Zircon Rings?

First of all, zircon is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates and is a source of the metal zirconium. It also seen in the gravels of rivers because of its chemical stability. Different zircon will appear in different colors, such as black, white, orange, brown, green or colorless and transparent. Gem-quality zircon is processed and cut to resemble a diamond. However, since diamonds are usually expensive, zircon rings are popular as an everyday alternative to diamonds, and are affordable, elegant, and can be worn by both men and women.

The symbol of zircon rings

Zircon is known in Japan as the "hyacinth stone" and internationally as the December birthstone, symbolizing success. In Greek mythology, zircon was known as the "beautiful boy", as lustrous as a diamond and with the power to protect.

Many legends about zircon were passed down in the Middle Ages. For example, red zircon can make people wise and brave and drive away darkness and evil; olive green zircon can make people wealthy and bring good luck in business; fruit green zircon can make people happy and keep their body and mind healthy; black zircon can increase strength and bring courage; champagne zircon can keep people elegant and noble and show charm, etc.

The charm of zirconia rings

Zircon has many auspicious meanings and is popular for its variety of colors and its ability to make the wearer shine. Among them, zircon rings are one of the most popular jewelry. The following is an introduction to six zircon rings that are popular with the public.

Octagonal Gemstone Stainless Steel Ring

This dark green ring features a traditional octagonal cut, with a sharp, three-dimensional and smooth surface. The dark green color is lustrous, deep and restrained without too much coldness, visually bringing a smooth enjoyment without any irritation. The ring is made of stainless steel, which is strong and corrosion resistant, and has a metallic beauty. It has a post-modern aesthetic in a retro way, understated but not banal, quiet but not dull. Among the many green zircon rings, this one is more like a coordinator with character, neither overbearing nor warm and shy. It is like a simple aristocrat, gentle and noble, not taking away the master's glory, but bringing elegance and nobility to its owner, deeply loved by men.

Retro Pattern Men's Stainless Steel Cz Ring

Green has always been one of the most popular colors in the color palette. It represents positive energy and vitality, which makes people feel good at first sight. This zirconium ring is made of fruit green zirconia with its own luster. The bright green color means health and life, stabilizes the mood, and makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. So in the midst of a gradually increasing stressful job, negative emotions tend to bring tension and depression. Green jewelry can play a role in relieving emotions and relaxing the mood. Therefore, this ring is more popular among office workers. The price is moderate, the color is bright, comfortable to wear, the color is versatile, white skin, black skin or yellow skin can wear, is the first choice of white-collar men's ring.

Dragon Claw Stainless Steel Square Ring

This black zirconia dragon claw square ring highlights its noble elegance. The dragon symbolizes power and status in China, and this ring is set with a dragon claw on the top and bottom, signifying that wealth and power are in the hands of the wearer. The ring's circumference is carved with a simple floral pattern with a loving heart, highlighting the elegance and gentleness of the wearer. This ring can be worn with a suit and striped tie to show the elegance and calmness of a businessman.

Simple Square Zircon Stainless Steel Ring

This ring has a unique shape that combines the western zircon culture with the Chinese dragon cultural meaning. The black zircon itself signifies empowerment and wards off evil and darkness, while the dragon is a symbol of power and status in China as it is a symbol of auspiciousness and the status of the emperor. The designer has cleverly incorporated the dragon into the ring based on the similarity of the two symbols, and the harmony between the two brings dominance and nobility to this ring. The collision of black and gold creates a unique combination that is not only beautiful, but also covers the symbolism of good fortune and wealth, making it perfect for men to wear.

Simple Stainless Steel Gemstone Men's Ring

This ring creates a stunning visual effect from its color. The red color is noble and passionate, and in Western lore, red zircon makes people wise and increases their wealth. It is bold and passionate, while the ring is majestic and masculine. This bright and dazzling red zircon resembles a noble princess sitting on the throne of a king, proud and indulgent, yet noble and atmospheric. The clever blend of light and darkness underscores the core meaning of this ring - proud and noble. The red zirconia's brilliance is destined to require respect and space, so there are no superfluous patterns on the body of the ring, and its simple and atmospheric design allows the ring's charm to be presented to the fullest. Therefore, this ring is very suitable for formal events, he represents the pride and confidence of men.

Red CZ Stainless Steel Ring

Shaped like a man taking a girl into his arms, this ring is designed to signify possession and inclusion. The red zirconia is passionate and beautiful, attracting many eyes. The boyfriends embrace it with their arms, demonstrating the unique dominance of men. "Possession" is a unisex word, and in love, "possession" embodies the cherishing and caring of the beloved, an irrational fascination and passion. This ring expresses the right amount of possession in love, it is both dominant and inclusive. Embracing from behind is a protective gesture for men, who do not want their beauty to be coveted, but also do not want it to be buried, so they use the posture of embracing from behind to express the ambivalent state of mind in love. Therefore, this ring is more suitable for men who are in love or have a beloved girl inside.

The above is the details of zircon, if you are interested, you can click the following link to enter the official website to browse and buy!

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