When you see this title, you may also have a question-what kind of band ring will be special? The ring we are talking about here is not a wedding band ring, but of course, it is great as a wedding ring or engagement ring if you think it is unique and meaningful.

The rings we are talking about today are band rings, which specifically refer to rings that are equal or similar in width. Because the rings are the same width, they are also eternity rings. Today I will show you the little story and meaning about these rings, both in terms of material and pattern.

Types of band rings


Band rings are made of many materials, silver, gold, precious stones, or stainless steel are very common, today we introduce three more special but beautiful materials.


Shells have a long history of being used as jewelry. As early as the Stone Age, primitive people began to polish shells and wear them on their bodies, which can be estimated to be called the earliest shell jewelry.

The shell is a veritable jewel from the deep sea, with many significant symbolic meanings: in Buddhism, the shell is one of the eight things that symbolize good luck and signifies peace and happiness on a journey; in Roman mythology, the shell is the cradle where Venus, the goddess of love, was born; in Christian doctrine, the shell represents the mystery of birth and the hope of rebirth; and in the world of jewelry, the shell is the starting point for decorative dressing.

This shell ring belt is made of imitating meteorite, and the color is brilliant and changeable in the sun; the surface of the tungsten steel or stainless steel ring belt is uneven and rich in texture, which rich the image of it. And The colorful and changeable shell belt represents the woman, and the masculine meteorite belt represents the man. The two belts are nestled together, symbolizing eternal love. The shell-based design gives these rings a sense of freshness and powerful expression, while exuding the charm from the wonderful world of the deep sea.


In our stores, it is common to find silver rings, stainless steel rings, etc., but rings made of wood as a material are rare. In nature, a tree needs to grow through wind and rain, and these trials and tribulations will be engraved on his body. Moreover, without these trials and tribulations, he would not have grown majestic and tall. The use of wood in jewelry also symbolizes defiance of trials and tribulations, and is a very sincere gift for elders, lover, and friends alike.

The wood itself comes with a special natural texture and the color it has in itself is a ready-made piece. By combining wood with stainless steel and titanium, the beauty of nature and the elegance of the wearer can be displayed without much embellishment.

This ring in oak with turquoise is attractive enough to catch the eye. The blue part with the brown part won't let people overlook it. The other, entirely wood and stainless steel, embodies the unique irregular pattern of wood, like the surprise of opening a lucky box where you don't know what the next ring will look like.


There is another story about opals as jewelry. Legend has it that there was a beautiful young girl named Christine, who was a famous girl in the city of Edinburgh. One day she happened to get the raw opal, which she cherished very much. As a result of her possession of this original stone, she died in disgrace from being a king's lover through duchess, monk and nun, and finally a prostitute. But such rumors were disproved by Queen Victoria, and one of her favorite necklaces was made of opal!

Opals come in many colors, and this green one is also beautiful, in addition to white. The clear stone is set in the ring and the gold band that reflects it looks elegant and gentlemanly. My favorite is the other blue opal ring. The pattern on it is like seeing beautiful stones under the water in a stream, always fascinating.


The characteristic of the band ring is that it is uniform in width and looks neat, in that it also limits the style of its pattern.

Minimalist style

Minimalist style is common in band rings, as the ring itself has a single shape and needs only a simple line outline to make the ring rich. Therefore, this kind of simple band ring is very popular.

Retro Style

Nostalgic style rings always remind people of the past, even if the years are wasted, it can also inadvertently ripple in the heart. The vintage and ring ring is also enough to make people shine. The ring ring has a vintage four-petal flower in the middle, and then with simple lines, it outlines an elegant picture. I believe that many people will like him.


Many of these band rings are beautiful, and the special material also has a special meaning. The time experienced and the composure formed by the wood are contained in the ring; the splendor possessed by the shell is also hidden in the ring. This kind of material rich in symbolic meaning does not need much embellishment to make the most valuable jewelry.