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      How to clean gold plated jewelry?

      How to clean gold plated jewelry - - Blog

      Do you have gold-plated jewelry, such as gold plated chains, gold plated rings, gold plated necklace and gold plated bracelets? Many times when we go to shopping malls to buy jewelry, the store will enthusiastically introduce to us, this is gold-plated jewelry or gold-filled jewelry. In fact, many merchants do this. In order to achieve the effect of gold jewelry, they will choose to plate or cover the jewelry with gold. In this way, jewelry looks more gorgeous to us, and its price is much cheaper than gold jewelry.

      Gold plated vs gold filled

      There is a big difference between gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry. It is really good for you to know it so that you can buy the gold jewelry on your own and you will know what you can get. Bottom line your going to pay a little bit more for gold filled jewelry, but it will stand the test of time, while, gold-plated jewelry is more cheaper but short time for stand.


      Gold plated

      Gold plating is divided into two types, one is homogeneous material gold plating, and the other is heterogeneous material gold plating. Homogeneous material gold plating refers to the gold plating treatment on the surface of gold jewelry. Its meaning is to improve the brightness and color of jewelry. Heterogeneous material gold plating refers to the surface of non-gold materials bursting into gold plating treatment, such as silver gold plating, copper gold plating. Its meaning is to replace the color of the plated material with the luster of gold, so as to improve the ornamental effect of the jewelry.

      The gold plating process is to plate a minuscule layer of gold on the base metal (usually brass). The amount of real gold that is used is actually so tiny that its technically considered unmeasurable. But over time, its surface will be worn away by us, so time is not particularly long-lasting.

      Gold filled

      Gold-filled jewelry is made by wrapping layers of pure gold (14K, 12K or 18K) sheets around a base metal (usually brass). Unlike gold-plated jewelry, there is actually a measurable amount of gold in filled gold jewelry. This process of adhering a solid gold sheet keeps the jewelry from tarnishing, flaking, chipping or fading. If your filled gold jewelry ever tarnishes, this is usually just due to dust buildup and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Also, unlike silver, it does not tarnish. 

      How to maintain gold-plated jewelry

      Before discussing how to clean gold-plated jewelry, we first discuss how to make gold plated jewelry lasting.

      Because gold-plated jewelry wears off, you want the jewelry to maintain its luster and wear it with the following in mind:

      1. When doing jobs, pay attention to take off the gold-plated jewelry, so that you can avoid sweating to impregnate the jewelry, so that the color of the necklace changes, resulting in unattractive results.
      2. When washing, such as bathing and washing face can not be worn, especially do not let the gold-plated jewelry contact hot water, which will lead to a certain change in the color of the jewelry.
      3. The surface of gold-plated jewelry is plated with a layer of gold-like substances, no matter how strong, are not as good as the real gold does not change color, so when wearing must be careful not to rub with other things, in addition to the collection, also be careful not to put together with other jewelry, so as not to rub off the surface of the plating.
      4. Some of the gold-plated jewelry is less hard, so in the process of taking off and wearing need to be a little careful to avoid breaking or hanging off the situation.

      Gold-plated necklaces are popular because of their color and luster. Here are a few ways to clean them:

      1. Use a jewelry cleaner available in the market or soak it in a solution of soap and warm water, and then gently brush it with a soft cloth.
      2. Of course, you can also choose to take it to a specialized gold jewelry store for cleaning.
      3. If the gold-plated jewelry blackened, and also can not be cleaned, then it is likely that the surface of the plating is destroyed by the metal inside, because the gold plating is very thin, so to restore the product to the original gold only to send the product to the plating processing plant to re-plating first.

      Gold-plated jewelry is popular because it is affordable and lustrous. To make gold-plated jewelry last longer, it needs to be taken care of and maintained. If you have any questions, we will do our best to help you.

      What is tungsten steel? Why do men wear tungsten rings?

      What is tungsten steel - Why do men wear tungsten rings - - Blog

      Nowadays, there are many kinds of jewelry materials on the market, from the early gold, silver, copper, etc. to the current stainless steel, tungsten steel, etc., different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gold and silver are expensive, and their hardness is very low, they are easily corroded and require careful maintenance. Copper is cheaper than gold and silver, but it is also susceptible to oxidation. However, later popular products such as tungsten steel and stainless steel are inexpensive and not easily damaged. Do you know what tungsten steel is? What is the difference between tungsten steel and stainless steel? How to clean and maintain tungsten steel jewelry?

      What is tungsten steel

      Tungsten steel is a sintered composite material consisting of at least one metal carbide.

      Tungsten steel has many points, such as good heat, wear and corrosion resistance, and relatively high hardness even at high temperatures.

      Common types of tungsten steel jewelry include rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and watch chains, etc.

      Most people choose a tungsten ring as their wedding band, what makes it so popular?

      Advantages of tungsten steel jewelry

      1. Tungsten steel is generally in the 8.5-9.5 hardness tier. Tungsten steel is four times harder than titanium and twice as hard as steel. So it is basically zero scratch. The hardness of this material is close to that of natural diamonds and is not easily worn, making it very popular among consumers.
      1. Tungsten steel has high brilliance, and it is able to fully glow with gem-like color and brilliance after being highly polished, with mirror-like brightness.
      2. Tungsten steel has the advantage of being able to withstand mechanical impacts. After research, tungsten steel can produce tungsten steel particle ring mouth, tungsten steel shell, etc. They can be polished into a variety of angular patterns, styles and fashions.

      How to clean tungsten steel

      Step 1. Materials what you will need

      Prepare mild soap, water, cotton swabs, cotton cloth and toothbrush.

      Soapy water and soft toothbrush

      Step 2.

      Pour a few drops of mild hand sanitizer or liquid soap into the water and stir well. It is the best cleaner for tungsten jewelry because it does not contain harmful chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, which are found in conventional cleaners and can damage the ring.

      Step 3.

      If there are no complicated ornaments such as carvings, you can directly wipe it with a cotton cloth dipped in soapy water. You can use a cotton swab to clean the areas where the cotton cloth cannot be wiped. If it is a jewelry that is not easy to clean, you can gently brush it off with a toothbrush. It is worth noting that you must choose a soft toothbrush. Hard brushes may also cause damage to the surface of the jewelry.

      Step 4.

      After cleaning the dirt with soapy water, remember to rinse it off with clean water, and then use a clean and dry cotton cloth to dry the jewelry.

      Whats the difference between tungsten steel and stainless steel

      First, Tungsten steel and stainless steel have different hardness. Tungsten steel is much harder than stainless steel, so tungsten jewelry is better able to resist dents and scratches. Second, They have different densities. Tungsten carbide has a density of 15.6 g/cm^3 and stainless steel has a density of 7.7 g/cm^3, which means that if you make two identical ornaments, one of each material, the tungsten ornament will be much heavier.


      Jewelry of different materials has different advantages and disadvantages. If you want elegant, beautiful, and hard-wearing jewelry, tungsten steel jewelry is your best choice. View more in tungsten steel collection.

      What are the different types of gemstone jewelry?

      What are the different types of gemstone jewelry - - Blog

      In the West, the traditional classification of gemstones can go back to the ancient Greeks, which begins with a distinction between precious and semi-precious; similar distinctions are made in other cultures. In modern use the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious.

      But for most people, natural gems are too expensive to afford. Therefore, people use the artificial gems instead of natural gems. They are made by creative design and exquisite craft. They are definitely worthy to wear. Here are some of our gemstone jewelry.

      Metrial of gemstone jewelry


      Diamond is a natural mineral, the rough diamond gemstone. Diamonds for jewelry decoration are beautiful and rare. According to its hardness and stability, people give it symbolic meaning- eternal love and loyalty.


      Because of its special meaning and high price, people made zirconium diamond for jewelry decoration. The gem on this ring is zirconium diamond.

      Cubic Zirconia

      Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone. It was first developed by the Soviets, so,its another name is Soviet stone. Existing in cubic single crystals, zirconia is extremely rare in nature and can be synthesized artificially and is widely used as a substitute for diamonds.


      If different metal oxides are added to the raw materials, crystals of different colors can be obtained. For example, if cerium is added, it will appear yellow, orange and red. When chromium is added, it will appear green, and when neodymium is added, it will appear purple.


      The commodity code of cubic zirconia is CZ, therefore, fake diamonds made with it are often called "CZ diamonds". Because CZ diamonds are very cheap and look very similar to diamonds, they are welcomed by customers. Not only do ordinary people often wear jewelry with CZ diamonds, but also those who own real diamond jewelry. For safety, they also wear CZ diamonds. jewelry.



      Due to the different chemical elements Turquoise contains, it has different colors . The stone is blue when it contains copper, and green when it contains iron.


      Turquoise, with its light color and elegance, is a traditional jade loved by people from both ancient and modern times. It has been worn and used for over 5,000 years. In Western countries, turquoise is considered a holy relic to ward off evil spirits and a symbol of good fortune and happiness.


      Most turquoise have holes that will absorb hand oil, lip balm, perfume, etc. Although in our traditional craft, a layer of paraffin wax is applied to the surface of turquoise to increase the color of turquoise, while playing a protective role Turquoise, but still, we must pay attention to sweat, grease, tea, alcohol, etc., to avoid excessive contact with cosmetics and skin oils, so as not to damage the stone.

      tiger's eye

      Tiger's eye is a gemstone with a cat's eye effect, mostly tawny in color, with silky light patterns in the stone. Tiger's eye is one of the varieties of quartz.


      With its cat-like dominance and sharp eyes, tiger's eye stone emits a radiant light that adds courage and confidence to fight bravely and create more wealth. Some people call tiger's eye stone Vanves stone, which brings good luck and wealth.


      Opal is a natural hardened silica colloid and it is generally egg white. If other atoms are mixed in, it can form various colors. There are usually blue, green, yellow, red, dark green, cerulean, white, etc.


      Opal generally has glassy or waxy luster, but due to various changes in geological movements, opals from some origins will have a very high porcelain effect, even comparable to ceramics. Wearing opals can develop inspiration and imagination, bring breakthrough and leapfrog ideas and concepts.

      Cat's eye

      The cat's eye is one of the rarest and most precious of the gold emeralds. It is so named because it exhibits the same light phenomenon as a cat's eye, which is flexible and bright and can change with the intensity of light. Strictly speaking, "cat's eye" is not the name of a gem, but an optical phenomenon that appears on some gems.


      The gems in this pendant are artificial cat eyes, which have the same cat eye effect and beauty.

      Every kind of gemstone has its life and meaning. Natural gemstones are not easy to form and are very rare. However, human wisely make artificial jewelry which have similar appearance and same effect. Everyone is suitable for wearing gemstones jewellery. They can not only add charm to the wearer, but some can also keep fit and bring good luck.

      What is minimalist jewelry? Why is minimalist jewelry in style now?

      What is minimalist jewelry - Why is minimalist jewelry in style now - - Blog

      With the development of the times, material life is now very colorful, so people often say that they like to return to simplicity. However, after really returning to simplicity can adapt and control the fast-paced and busy life well? Minimalism is a way of life for people to escape from the clutter of material life and return to their true inner needs. In short, minimalism tells you what you can do without, what you must need, and how to weigh between practical and aesthetic functions.

      To subtract from life, but also to make life more in line with their own hearts, so that the material to serve the heart, rather than people are tired of material. Having said that, it must be stressed that minimalism is not a sacrifice of aesthetics and interest, rather, minimalism represents more of a fashion of elegance and taste, but also another sense of luxury, and this luxury, is with a strong claim to life and aesthetic symbols, that is, your attitude to life!

      Now more and more people are experiencing and loving the changes that minimalism brings to their lives: refusing unnecessary social engagements, cleaning up piles of clothes and cosmetics, not relying too much on material things and being more active... These changes lead to a more determined and pure heart.

      From the 1960s, minimalism emerged as an artistic school of thought and has permeated all fields: clothing, furniture, lighting, interior design, architecture... And of course, jewelry! In jewelry design, dazzling stones no longer satisfy the style designers want to pursue. Three-dimensional, geometric, space, has become the most prominent style of jewelry. Minimalist style, has become the definition of luxury today. Simple design style, unique creativity, whether it is a ring or earrings, each piece can present a modern and fashionable jewelry style. Such jewelry not only has the viewability, but also more practical sense of matching.

      The pursuit of simplicity to the extreme, simplicity and neatness in the senses, more elegant in taste and thought, removing superfluous elements, colors, shapes and textures. The so-called true low-key is always ready to high-key, in jewelry customization, minimalist design has been more and more young people love and respected, but also the most popular design in diamond customization.

      From a visual point of view, minimalist design means calmness and thought back to the true, but also more able to express personal understanding of emotional feelings, and custom complement each other, in the custom back to the heart, in the minimalist to find the true, to find pure happiness.

      People who pursue a minimalist life gradually love to buy minimalist jewelry to express their ideas externally. What is the most suitable for you?

      A necklace with one simple element can be your first choice. This element can be a three-dimensional geometry or a lightning bolt shape. Wearing this kind of minimalist necklace that does not have any meaning, just because it goes well with everyday wear.

      Minimalist jewelry also has a feature that there is no particularly ornate decoration, it is generally not more than two colors. Simple and exquisite, the perfect interpretation of the way of fashion, “Less is more” .

      Click here MINIMALIST STYLE to get more dainty and modern minimalist jewelry!

      Buying guide for couple rings

      Buying guide for couple rings - - Blog

      For couples, they often hope to give the best love to their lovers. Even if it is a gift, they will choose a gift that can perfectly express their love. The couple ring will be a good medium to express the love and commitment between couples.

      As long as you choose the right ring with good wishes, you can make your love firmer. So, how to select rings and when to give, that’s a question. Here are some suggestions and references.

      Attracting each other

      The feelings of couples in the early days of love are often shy and hazy. When you want to express love, couple rings seem to bring a lot of courage to move forward together in good time. At this time, you can give him or her a ring, which means you want to stay together in the future.


      In the early days of love, couples still in the stage of understanding each other, and they are a bit more shy. You can give a ring your lover likes to show that you know and care about him or her. Just like the bird, use the feather to attract the other. Tell him or her your promise.

      Into a relationship


      People who fall in love can only see each other. At this time, the ring to be given should have some meanings, such as this one. Split your heart in half, and two people together are complete.

      This ring also has a special meaning. Roman numerals are engraved on the ring, which means that time does not change and love is eternal.

      Into stable

      When the relationship becomes stable, or the marriage loses the passion, then you can buy a ring for her. On the one hand, it is a surprise, and on the other hand, it is also a promise to your future. At this time, the diamond ring may become the right choice.

      This ring has a simple design, but its beauty cannot be ignored. Although it is not made of precious materials, its meaning is what every girl yearns for. This ring can be worn by both men and women. It is very suitable for unmarried couples.


      Titanium steel is characterized by strong stability and can not deform and change color for a long time. It means that your love will not deteriorate.


      This ring is composed of two rings, which can be rotated but cannot be separated, just like couples, they will have quarrels, but will not break up. This is the blessing from the designers to the couples.

      Whether it’s a couple ring or a wedding ring, the most important thing is that the two people must be connected with each other. The deep emotional foundation is the cornerstone of marriage to eternity. As life gradually becomes flat, love will turn into the silk of the years. Sweetness, permeating the sparkle of fingertips, always accompanied.

      Our service

      We will provide high-quality customization and engraving services, you can engrave your promise on jewelry and give it to your lover. At the same time, we will also offer timely and effective after-sales service. Happy shopping online!

      If you want to know more about couple rings, click here!