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      Best Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2022 on RS

      Best Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2022 on RS - - Blog

      After we celebrate Christmas and New Year, we are about to usher the sweetest holiday of the year, Valentine's Day! Picking a Valentine's Day gift has become a major challenge. The highest ranked gifts on Valentine's Day should be flowers and chocolates. In my opinion, jewelry is one of the best gift choices. First, expensive jewelry generally has a value retention effect. Giving your lover a diamond ring can not only make her feel happy, but also amount to an investment. Secondly, no one can say no to jewelry. Even if it's not a diamond ring, an exquisite and unique stainless steel ring can be loved because it makes us look more beautiful/handsome. We've listed a Valentine's Day gift guide to see if these jewels meet your Valentine's Day gift criteria. The following jewelry is perfect as a Valentine's Day gifts for her/him

      Couple Jewelry

      Whether it is a couple in love or a couple who have been in love for many years, it is indispensable to express love with sweet couple products. Couple jewelry is generally the most popular, such as couple rings, couple bracelets, and couple pendants.

      This is one of the most popular couple rings on our website. This ring is minimalist, rotatable and combines two of the most popular elements in today's jewelry market. From a visual point of view, the minimalist design means calmness and thoughts brought back to their true nature, and a greater expression of personal feelings of emotional understanding, complementing the customization in which one returns to the heart and finds the true nature and pure happiness in the minimalism. The design of this ring is two circles intertwined, just as you and your lover rely on each other and cannot be separated.

      When confessing she/he said: you stole my heart. When in love she/he said, I will always keep my heart with you. These are such sweet words. If you are too embarrassed to say it, you can write it on a card and give it to him/her together with this heart pendant. This is really the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

      This couple's pendant has two parts, one part is a blazing heart and the other part is a nameplate. You can engrave the names of both parties on the back of the pendant at the time of purchase to represent that it is unique and belongs to you. This is the most romantic vows and confessions.

      The design of this bracelet is very novel and interesting. The bracelet has a lock and key design, and once you put on one bracelet, only the other bracelet can open its clasp, which is like love.

      Interdependence is inseparable, the rest of life is enough for you. This is the idea that this combination bracelet wants to convey. Two close lovers are interdependent, they are both the lock and the key, because they can lock each other's heart, but also let each other open their hearts to you. What a wonderful relationship this is.

      Spinner Ring

      The spinner ring is the most popular products recently. Giving fashion items to him/her can better reflect your intentions and get double the heart rate.

      This spinner ring is pulsating with big and small hearts, just like the fluttering of love when you meet it, which is hard to conceal. When you're nervous about facing her or him, turn the outer ring, it will be much better to reduce the tension without making people notice than to take a deep breath.

      Cross Pendant

      Although Valentine's Day is a well known holiday, not many people understand the origins of Valentine's Day. In the third century A.D., when war was raging in ancient Rome, the tyrant Claudius conscripted a large number of citizens to the battlefield and ordered that no weddings be performed, and even all those who were already engaged to be married were to be immediately dissolved. Many young men thus said goodbye to their lovers and went to war in grief and anger. Young girls were also depressed by the loss of their lovers. The saint Valentine felt very sad about the tyrant's abuse. When a couple came to the temple to ask for his help, Valentine married them quietly in front of the sacred altar. When this became known to Claudius, he had Valentine tortured to death in a dungeon. His friends buried him on February 14, 270 AD. In his honor, Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14. 

      Give him/her a cross pendant or bracelet and may God bless your love with longevity and no ups and downs.

      Gemstone Ring

      For both men and women, wearing a gemstone ring reflects their temperament. In addition, gemstones are a pure material, and the cleaner and purer the gemstone, the higher the value. Love is like a gemstone, the purer it is, the happier it is. It is also romantic to use a gemstone ring to witness your pure and beautiful love.

      Luminous Ring

      Do you know luminous ring? After being irradiated by natural light, fluorescent light, ultraviolet light, etc., the luminous ring stores the light energy, and releases it slowly in the form of fluorescence at night or in the dark, making people feel weak light. You give him/her the luminous ring, it is a very safe thing to be able to let him/her see the light in the dark alone, as if you are with her/him.


      In fact, no matter which jewelry can be your Valentine's Day gift choice, as long as you give it meaning, then it is the most unique and perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

      Hope you have a Valentine's Day that is as fabulous as you are!

      2021 RS jewelry in review

      2021 RS jewelry in review - - Blog

      There is no doubt that in the past year, we have all grown a lot. For the new series of products, we got everyone's attention and love. This time, let’s review together the past year, our growth trajectory.

      Tough guy image

      This series of products is what we have been working on from the beginning. In this year, people's love for Viking jewellery and chains far exceeds other products. These products always carry the image of a tough guy unique to Vikings, retro and full of power.

      This product is the winner of the 2021 RS Most Popular Award, and for the past 12 months, it has been at the top of the best seller list for almost every month. With a somewhat simple style yet unique and effective design, our distinctively thick and heavy loop bracelet made to stand the test of time.

      And this one is a typical Viking element ring, the whole ring is made of Celtic structure. The intersecting lines are full of three-dimensionality. The blue gem is like the eyes of a wolf, full of mystery and unknown. This ring is mysterious and unassuming, and looks very delicate and low-key, suitable for you with low-key personality.

      Light in the dark

      If you are worried that ordinary jewelry cannot make you a focus at night, then you will be interested in this series of products. This is a jewellery that can be seen in the dark. You guessed it, it is a luminous product. Currently, there are only luminous rings in the RS store. Of course, if everyone likes it very much, there may be other luminous products in the new year. I am already looking forward to it.

      This is a magical and romantic jewelry. During the day, they look just ordinary light green, but at night, it will emit a soft light, so that you no longer fear the lonely and dark nights. Luminous jewelry is made of a long-lasting photoluminescent material. The principle of its luminescence is that after being irradiated by visible light such as daylight or light, it gradually releases light under low light or dark conditions, producing a "luminescence".

      This series is very popular in our Halloween event. In the dark night, the ghost-like ring is looming, creating the horror atmosphere you want. Especially this ring, with magic spells on it, always surprises and admires people. The words on the ring are written in Tengwa. It comes from a poem: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

      Rotate and decompress

      This year, this type of rotatable decompression ring is also very popular. Unlike ordinary traditional rings, rotating rings are made with two parts: a fixed ring and a moving ring. When you wear this type of ring, it normally does not rotate, but when you rotate it slightly, the ring will be able to turn. When you are anxious, irritable, or thinking, you can rotate the ring on your hand to achieve the effect of decompression and also make touching the ring a habit.

      This chain rotatable ring is the best-selling product in this category, maybe it is the first ring with interesting flavor. The whole ring has the style of punk and locomotive, and it is simple and generous. In terms of appearance, it wins! The chain in the middle of the ring is rotatable, telling you an interesting secret, this ring can also open wine bottles. This is really an interesting decompression ring, no wonder it is so popular!

      Low-key but luxury

      How can you have low-key luxury without gemstone jewelry. Part of the maturity of adults is reflected in the understatement, and a series of products can bring out the charm of a mature man.

      The first is this tiger's eye stone ring. Why does it stand out among many rings? I think it's probably because of the uniqueness of the tiger's eye stone. Sparkling and vivid, like the eyes of a tiger, like the pattern of a tiger, can exert the power like a king, a noble holy stone ring. Of course, it also has the style of purple sandstone. The purple sandstone is like the stars in the universe, and countless bright spots light up this dark night. It is also a romantic and low-key ring.

      The other is this turquoise bracelet. Turquoise is the birthstone of December, and it is very suitable to be introduced to everyone at this time.


      As you can see, we have made a lot of progress this year, and a big part of it can't be separated from your support and suggestions to us. In the new year, we will continue to provide you with excellent service and do our best to make the jewelry you want. Happy New Year to all of you and wish you all the best!

      Why these band rings are special?

      Why these band rings are special - - Blog

      When you see this title, you may also have a question-what kind of band ring will be special? The ring we are talking about here is not a wedding band ring, but of course, it is great as a wedding ring or engagement ring if you think it is unique and meaningful.

      The rings we are talking about today are band rings, which specifically refer to rings that are equal or similar in width. Because the rings are the same width, they are also eternity rings. Today I will show you the little story and meaning about these rings, both in terms of material and pattern.

      Types of band rings


      Band rings are made of many materials, silver, gold, precious stones, or stainless steel are very common, today we introduce three more special but beautiful materials.


      Shells have a long history of being used as jewelry. As early as the Stone Age, primitive people began to polish shells and wear them on their bodies, which can be estimated to be called the earliest shell jewelry.

      The shell is a veritable jewel from the deep sea, with many significant symbolic meanings: in Buddhism, the shell is one of the eight things that symbolize good luck and signifies peace and happiness on a journey; in Roman mythology, the shell is the cradle where Venus, the goddess of love, was born; in Christian doctrine, the shell represents the mystery of birth and the hope of rebirth; and in the world of jewelry, the shell is the starting point for decorative dressing.

      This shell ring belt is made of imitating meteorite, and the color is brilliant and changeable in the sun; the surface of the tungsten steel or stainless steel ring belt is uneven and rich in texture, which rich the image of it. And The colorful and changeable shell belt represents the woman, and the masculine meteorite belt represents the man. The two belts are nestled together, symbolizing eternal love. The shell-based design gives these rings a sense of freshness and powerful expression, while exuding the charm from the wonderful world of the deep sea.


      In our stores, it is common to find silver rings, stainless steel rings, etc., but rings made of wood as a material are rare. In nature, a tree needs to grow through wind and rain, and these trials and tribulations will be engraved on his body. Moreover, without these trials and tribulations, he would not have grown majestic and tall. The use of wood in jewelry also symbolizes defiance of trials and tribulations, and is a very sincere gift for elders, lover, and friends alike.

      The wood itself comes with a special natural texture and the color it has in itself is a ready-made piece. By combining wood with stainless steel and titanium, the beauty of nature and the elegance of the wearer can be displayed without much embellishment.

      This ring in oak with turquoise is attractive enough to catch the eye. The blue part with the brown part won't let people overlook it. The other, entirely wood and stainless steel, embodies the unique irregular pattern of wood, like the surprise of opening a lucky box where you don't know what the next ring will look like.


      There is another story about opals as jewelry. Legend has it that there was a beautiful young girl named Christine, who was a famous girl in the city of Edinburgh. One day she happened to get the raw opal, which she cherished very much. As a result of her possession of this original stone, she died in disgrace from being a king's lover through duchess, monk and nun, and finally a prostitute. But such rumors were disproved by Queen Victoria, and one of her favorite necklaces was made of opal!

      Opals come in many colors, and this green one is also beautiful, in addition to white. The clear stone is set in the ring and the gold band that reflects it looks elegant and gentlemanly. My favorite is the other blue opal ring. The pattern on it is like seeing beautiful stones under the water in a stream, always fascinating.


      The characteristic of the band ring is that it is uniform in width and looks neat, in that it also limits the style of its pattern.

      Minimalist style

      Minimalist style is common in band rings, as the ring itself has a single shape and needs only a simple line outline to make the ring rich. Therefore, this kind of simple band ring is very popular.

      Retro Style

      Nostalgic style rings always remind people of the past, even if the years are wasted, it can also inadvertently ripple in the heart. The vintage and ring ring is also enough to make people shine. The ring ring has a vintage four-petal flower in the middle, and then with simple lines, it outlines an elegant picture. I believe that many people will like him.


      Many of these band rings are beautiful, and the special material also has a special meaning. The time experienced and the composure formed by the wood are contained in the ring; the splendor possessed by the shell is also hidden in the ring. This kind of material rich in symbolic meaning does not need much embellishment to make the most valuable jewelry.

      9 meaningful sun jewelry worth wearing in Rockandspark

      9 meaningful sun jewelry worth wearing in Rockandspark - - Blog

      As summer goes and winter comes, re you looking forward to warm sunny days as the temperature drops? Today, let's take a look at sun jewelry. There will be sun rings, sun pendants and fun sun-related jewelry that you will love.

      What does sun mean on jewelry

      The sun is an essential cosmic substance for people. It is because of the sun that people can see the light, it is because of the sun that the world has the change of seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is because of the sun that the world is colorful, and it is because of the sun that people feel what it means to be warm. Therefore, in jewelry design, the element of the sun is very common and very popular. The sun is a symbol of royalty in some countries, and in addition to that, because of its unique characteristics, it also has a symbolic meaning of warmth, hope and vitality. Sunstone is named after the many neatly arranged, brightly colored flake mineral inclusions in feldspar that, when illuminated by light, reflect golden highlights, resembling the sun's four rays.

      The mythical significance of the sun

      In ancient Egypt, the sun had a god-like status, and Pharaoh Raneb of the second dynasty of ancient Egypt first introduced the symbol of the sun in the name of Horus. It is evident that from ancient times, people had a fear and desire for the sun. They believed that the "sun god" could protect the country and guarantee the immortality of the entire ancient Egyptian nation. The designer combined the sun and jewelry to create this golden sun ring in sterling silver. The golden sun is a symbol of kingship and irreplaceable power.

      The sun pendant with the evil eye is designed because the sun is the most virile and can suppress and even destroy all evil in the world. This coincides with the worship of the sun in Egyptian civilization.

      Besides Egypt, people have explored the celestial bodies quite a bit. The myths of the sun, moon and stars reflect the simple understanding of ancient man about the celestial bodies, and some of them express their desire to control the celestial bodies by means of sorcery, with primitive science and some practical significance. However, due to the penetration and integration of various primitive concepts, they eventually merged into myths full of naive fantasies.

      In Western culture, the name of the sun god is Helios, a tall, brave, handsome, white-faced and beautiful man who wears a purple robe and a solar crown that emits numerous golden rays. As a result, Helios was also mythologized as the most beautiful man in the gods, and as such, he had many lovers and many children. For example, in Greek mythology, one of his lovers, Clutieux, became a sunflower; moving her face in the direction of the sun every day. Therefore, this sunflower ring represents the love that never leaves and can be given as a gift to your lover. 

      Of course, in addition to symbolizing love, sunflowers also means that people with firm convictions are not afraid of difficulties, go forward courageously, and love life. This ring connects nine sunflowers and surrounds you 360 degrees, which also means happiness surrounds you.

      The concrete meaning of the sun

      After talking about the myth, we return to reality. In the real world, the sun is a star, massive and extremely hot. Sun worship is a kind of nature worship that targets celestial bodies. Before humans were formed, the sun already existed. After the birth of mankind, the sun, as a natural object, gets along with mankind day and night. 

      In the early days of human society, that is, the age of primitive gathering and hunting, sun worship has not occurred yet. Because although the sun has a more significant impact on people, it does not have a direct impact on people's lives and life safety after all. Only after entering the Neolithic Age, that is, after human beings were able to carry out productive production (agriculture and animal husbandry), did the sun have a direct interest in humans. People feel that the fruits of their labor are restricted by the sun, which encourages people to think about the sun more and guess the sun.

      The pattern of this couple ring is the moon and the sun. In addition to the light that the sun brings to people, the night represented by the moon is equally important. The long-term development of mankind has been accompanied by day and night.

      This ring design is inspired by the photosynthesis of plants. The sun is shining on the earth, and the plants affected by him are growing vigorously, swaying in the wind. The same is true of the scene depicted in the bracelet below. Plants grow through photosynthesis and provide food for humans and animals. This is the living conditions that the sun brings to people.


      I believe that the image of the sun has been very well remembered, even now let everyone put pen to paper to draw a great probability are similar versions, perhaps this is the signs of the times. And from ancient times to the present, a lot of jewelry has been inspired by the sun.

      The jewelers who have a great passion for the sun have not only expressed their love by "naming" a limited number of stones, but have also explored the possibilities of the "sun" in endless jewelry designs. That's all for today, if you have anything to say, please leave it in the comments section. Finally, happy shopping!

      Are you ready for your Halloween jewelry in 2021?

      Are you ready for your Halloween jewelry in 2021 - - Blog

      When you start searching for horror decorations, the craziest Halloween of this year is coming. For children, Halloween is a time when they can "trick or treat". In the world of adults, the most anticipated part of Halloween is the Halloween party. So, at this time, have you matched your Halloween jewelry? The author here recommends to you some jewellery most suitable for Halloween costumes at Rockandspark in 2021.

      How to choose your own Halloween jewelry

      When it comes to Halloween, in addition to those fancy costumes, the jewelry that matches the costumes will also become the focus of the party. Dark jewelry in line with the Halloween atmosphere, such as skull jewelry, witch jewelry, pirate jewelry, bat jewelry, etc. become a common jewelry with costumes. So, how to choose the right one among so many dark vintage jewelry?

      Vintage Halloween jewelry

      Vintage jewelry often has a medieval mystique or an ancient civilization. Those scary and dark Gothic styles and mysterious symbols are fascinating.

      Halloween is a holiday with a spooky atmosphere, and this ring is perfect for a witch's costume to match. A witch is not perfect without a hat, and even if you don't wear one, this ring already proves your identity.

      The horrific legend that a single glance can kill can be found in almost any civilization in the annals of history. A malevolent glance from the evil eye can cause misfortune, illness and even death. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that witches would use the evil eye against those who went against them. They would be the victims of illness and economic crisis or bankruptcy. So, this pendant is also the jewelry needed for witches or evil characters.

      There are evil forces encroaching, and then there are amulets to ward them off. The main defense weapon against the evil eye is the amulet. Most such amulets are in the shape of frogs and bull horns. So, this pendant is used to trap the evil forces by using the cow's horn as a border. The pendant comes in four colors-red, yellow and blue for you to choose from.

      Of course, the snake representing the evil force will not be absent. In Western culture, the snake is a symbol of dark, cunning and greed. The delicately carved snake pattern and lifelike eyes seem to attack in the next second, so this pendant is suitable for the bad guys.

      The mummies from Egyptian culture are also very cool. The ancient Egyptians believed that a person would have a soul after death, and his soul would not die, and would still attach to the corpse or statue. Therefore, after the death of the pharaoh, he would be mummified and prayed for resurrection. This pendant is shaped like a mummy, and the hideous skull reveals a decadent atmosphere. It is a pendant suitable for Egyptian style.

      Biker jewelry

      Avid bikers can also show their style at Halloween parties. As we all know, skull is one of the essential elements in Gothic style, but in the biker family, skull symbolizes the limit beyond death.

      Where did the skeletons in the biker club come from? After the end of World War II, veterans found nothing to do but fight, and they were so disconnected from society that it was hard for them to find suitable jobs. These former American heroes then set up various biker clubs, all using the skulls of the troops they had served with as the club's logo. These young people abandoned by society have also been wearing leather clothes with skulls, believing that skulls can give themselves the courage to face life head-on, and deter those who look down on them. They feel they are pirates of the golden age, gaining freedom by rebelling against mainstream society. Land is their ocean, motorcycles are their ships, they increase the throttle, and companions to 80 miles per hour on the road racing.

      The Punisher is also a veteran, after being hurt, in his own way to maintain the fairness of the world. Although his way is a bit extreme and violent, it is also the embodiment of his love for life and pursuit of freedom, which matches the spirit of bikers. Therefore, these rings are suitable for people who love biker culture to wear, and they can also show their personality at the same time, in line with the theme of Halloween party.

      Luminous ring

      Even if you are in the dark, you don't need to worry about it, these luminous rings can also make you the center of attention. Such rings contain glow-in-the-dark powder, which stores light energy when exposed to light, and then slowly releases it as a fluorescent light for several hours after the light is stopped.

      These glow-in-the-dark rings emit a spooky color at night, which is very much in line with the theme of Halloween, isn't it? Such rings are fun and interesting, right? These are suitable for both men and women.


      Finally, Happy Halloween to everyone! Our Halloween jewelry doesn't stop there, for more great content, click here to find your style of jewelry! Also, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment here.