Colored gems, beautiful and positive spiritual sustenance

December 12, 2020
Colored gems, beautiful and positive spiritual sustenance

From ancient times to the present, whether it is a ruby representing enthusiasm and opportunity, a precious gemstone, or an emerald symbolizing wisdom and love, these beautiful colored gemstones not only witness the changes in history, but also represent people The unchanging longing for a better life!

Red Gemstone 

The ancient work "Lapidaireen Vers" believes that ruby is "the most precious gem among the 12 gems created when God created everything."

In ancient Burmese legends, it is even more evident that embedding rubies into the body can protect people from harm in war.

Because they believe that rubies make people full of energy and enthusiasm, let people relax, and live with a kind of continuous forward and non-stop enthusiasm and faith.

When people are in trouble in career, emotion, or spirit, ruby has the energy to bring a turn for the better.

Blue Gemstone 

People in Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine as their wedding ring, hoping to have sweet love and a happy marriage.

Sapphire is the symbolic meaning of dignity. According to rumors, sapphire revered as a royal gem can protect people from infidelity, deception, intimidation, poverty, even stupidity and bad temper.

The three crossed lines on the star sapphire are considered a symbol of hope, faith and destiny, and in German legends are regarded as the stone of victory.

Green Gemstone 

With a charming emerald green gemstone, its name is derived from the Greek "smaragdos", which means "emerald".

In other legends, emeralds are claimed to be able to cure various diseases, reduce fear, improve memory, enhance persuasiveness, and bring happiness.

Eagle Black Gemstone Ring 

In the tumultuous world, people are willing to give themselves a little longing and hope. Let yourself still have hope and motivation for life!
And such a beautiful and positive spiritual sustenance, sometimes a small colored gem can give you!


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