Do you know the history of motorcycle?

September 09, 2021
Do you know the history of motorcycle?

The development of motorcycles has a history of more than 100 years. From scratch, from ugly to beautiful wheels, great changes have also taken place in power and speed. Although the appearance, structure, and performance of the motorcycle at the beginning are very different from modern motorcycles, it does not prevent it from being able to easily go on the road, and has since changed the history of human traffic.

Motorcycles are divided into street cars, road racing motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, cruisers, station wagons, etc. The frame of the original motorcycle is made of wood. From the perspective of the wood grain, it is processed by carpenters. The wheels are also made of wood. The outer layer of the wheel is covered with a layer of iron. There are several square wooden frames in the middle and lower parts of the frame. Place the engine, there is a small support wheel on each side of the wooden frame, its function is to prevent tipping when it is stationary. Therefore, the car is actually on the ground with four wheels.

After the 1930s, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production of motorcycles adopted rear suspension shock absorbers, mechanical ignition systems, drum-type mechanical brakes, chain transmissions, etc., making motorcycles a new level steps.

After the 1970s, motorcycle production adopted electronic ignition technology, electric starting, disc brakes, streamlined body guards, etc., as well as exhaust gas purification technology in the 1990s, ABS anti-lock braking devices, etc., to make motorcycles It has become an advanced motor vehicle with beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient use, flexibility and speed, and has become one of the important symbols of contemporary earth civilization.

In 1936, the American Harry Company was able to manufacture high-level motorcycles. Harley Motors has become a symbol of nostalgia.

In 1946, the movie "Roman Holiday" was popular all over the world, and the scooter Hepburn drove was the VESPA from Piaggio, Italy. It had a frame made of all steel plates, so it was very durable. Ducati, a luxury motorcycle, is highly maneuverable and has the reputation of not being broken.

Japan is undoubtedly the representative of Asia's modern industry, as well as in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki are the four most famous motorcycle companies in Japan. Japanese motorcycles are characterized by beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, and careful and thoughtful handling of some details.

Germany is the birthplace of motorcycles. The most we know is BMW. When BMW was founded, it only produced aircraft engines.

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